Would wanikani ever add idioms to what it teaches?

TIL the phrase 青菜に塩 (あおなにしお)meaning feeling sad or downhearted and it seemed like a basic phrase that would be good for beginners to learn. will wanikani ever teach these interesting, unique idioms to wanikani learners?


If it’s in regards to learning Kanji, maybe? Although I think the vocabulary Wanikani teaches does a pretty good at fulfilling the website’s purpose: teaching kanji.

There’s a multitude of other SRS programs (Jpdb.io, Anki, etc…) that are better suited for idioms.

Is that commonly used? I only see 2 entries listed on massif

Personally I feel like proverbs are mostly better self-learned as you encounter them in reading. There are quite a lot of them but most are not really used that often. (I don’t remember having seen this one myself, for instance.) I think you’ll remember them a lot more vividly if you just look them up as you find them, and have a clearer idea of the sort of context where they’re used. On a pure “probability of seeing this” basis there are a lot of words that will rank above proverbs and yojijukugo for vocab learning sites.

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