WaniKani please add proverbs!

I really like the common word combinations a lot, but I think it would be cool in addition to have proverbs as well.

I was thinking the proverbs section could go in between the common word combinations and context sentences.



you mean in the example sentences right?

you already know how kana only had a huge backlash :laughing:


I’ve never heard anything getting a huge frontlash


Thought you were already a marumori.io user (?), just add them yourself…much faster than waiting for a request that will never happen here :rofl: Actually I’ve gotten a good amount of Kitsun.io mining within expression-based phrases, many are already there within their dictionary


I didn’t even know proverbs were on MM. Thank you for kindly pointing this out to me. :heart:


I assume you mean MM (and not WK) :blush:

If interested, I’ve posted a number of decks along with other users on this topic including yojijukugo, slang, and idiom expressions on Kitsun if interested. I’ve tried to prioritize based on verified sources and checking with natives on usefulness. They are fun but also can be obscure too…certainly if they are dated and not in use, I’d rather spend the time elsewhere. They are many of them, hard to collect them all :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Though it would be nice to export out the Common Word Combinations on WK to make a deck as they did a nice job with it …@prouleau, can the Item Inspector do this?

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No Item Inspector can’t do this. The common word combinations are not exposed through the API. Item Inspector only exports what is available through the API.

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About API / Item Inspector, someone can try ping the Mods on the thread here – Exposing "Patterns of Use" data for vocabulary subjects - #3 by JenK (Though I believe I am small pinging just now by linking.)

It may help with self-study according to WaniKani vocabularies.

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