How do I find an easy vocabulary on WaniKani that I have already learnt?

Hi sometimes I read words with kanji I have already learnt, but I don’t think WK teaches them. Like 見た目 seems like an easy word with kanji you learnt in the first levels. will WK show me this later or not?

If you have a Japanese IME, you can check for any vocabulary items in WK using the search function


I’m dumb Haha thank you

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An alternative is looking it up on, which lists items on WK as such.

Another option is installing this extension, which lets you highlight words and either open them in WK if they are on WK, or on Jisho if they are not


Rip it doesn’t teach it even if it’s so easy

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WaniKani is really just about learning the kanji so the vocab list obviously won’t be exhaustive.

If you’re getting on with SRS it might be worth starting an Anki deck (other SRS programs are available). Any vocab not on WaniKani you can add to the other deck instead and review in the same way.

Can be useful for other things too, cloze deletion for learning grammar etc etc. :slight_smile:


thanks Kumirei it is very useful and helpful

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Yep I thought it was more complete tho because the guy who recommended wk to me (My uncle) is able to understand basically everything in a book for adults

He has probably also done a lot of grammar already. Also as you learn to read more kanji, it becomes easier to guess how to read unfamiliar words.

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I’m going with tae Kim’s guide along, It’s good

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