Would people use/help with a community driven mnemonics/notes script?


Hey, I’m a server engineer professionally, and very busy, but I’ve been dying to have a community driven mnemonics like this one, except that one seems to have failed because it used google sheets as a database which is all kinds of problematic.  Anyway, I was thinking about how simple it could be to throw up an actual service (on AWS, with lambda, DynamoDB and possibly S3) but I really do not want to spend my time messing with JavaScript and tampermonkey (or whatever), so would anyone be interested in working with me to put up a little service over a weekend and throwing a front-end on it so we could all have community driven mnemonics?  like… seriously, I love me some K1 but sometimes his mnemonics are… either crazy or super lazy.


Not sure if I’d use it (haven’t gotten many new kanji yet so I haven’t needed the mnemonics) but I’d definitely, without a doubt, install it. Can’t help you with the creation of it, though; I only know Python and Matlab.


I would definitely use this!! Sorry, I have zero programming knowledge, so I won’t be much help in getting it running.

I’m coming back to Wanikani after a long time away from Japanese, and this time around I’ve been doing a thorough search for scripts to compensate for the shortcomings I remember from before. #1 on the list is the mnemonics :frowning: Most of the time I am not so happy with the ones on the site.


Alright, well it’s gonna be a little while, but I’ll keep this idea on the back burner and see if I can start making some headway maybe next month. Stuff is so hectic. I’ll start by producing the server, and if it’s looking good I’ll produce some very simple proof-of-concept of the working client and hopefully someone more skilled with JS will pick up and make it actually not terrible. We’ll see!


I still add mnemonics to the old Userscript. I don’t know what happens to them. I can see them when reviews come around, though. I can see others too, but I don’t know how long ago they were added.


What is required to create a front-end? Can you edit the old Userscript to load from your new database?

You might create a database, and the required keyword for loading it first. I have looked into the Javascript a little and well, see a possibility. Be aware that I have negligible experience, though. I feel like Javascript is pretty much like a C++ class manipulating strings.


Wow, that’s interesting. Yeah, all I know is that the server side google docs backing was overwhelmed, and that it violated google’s ToS, so I have no idea what’s going on with it.


That’s pretty funny you call them C++ classes, because JS is kinda famous for not having/having crappy class support. I believe that’s changed in recent years but, as stated above, not up to speed on client side stuff.

Anyway, I think for sure in the next few weeks I’ll spin up a proof-of-concept on S3 for the server, and then whoever wants to can take a crack at writing a client. I’ve got some ideas…


I don’t have the skills to help with the work but I’d definitely try using it if you guys spent the time to create it.


I just saw this but had a similar idea, though what I intend to make is simply something that just swaps the order of the notes and the mnemonic, so if you’ve entered your own it will be shown first. The community DB is interesting but I don’t think I’d like the community ones any more than the WK ones, really.

Drop me a line though if you need a hand with this. I’m happy to help once we’ve finished up the other thing.


I like the community mnemonics. I have contributed some mnemonics and used many of others that were contributed. Unfortunately, I can’t help program… ~frankiebluej