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Hi folks - just started WK and loving it - its certainly locking in readings faster than some of the other things I have looked at, even on kanji that I know well, and it is certainly more comprehensive. I often modify the mnemonics, and sometimes jump over to kanjikohii for inspiration from other people’s stories, particularly for readings.
However Heisig et al don’t really do any “vocabulary” and it is a bit limited. I was wondering if we could do something similar here, where people that want to share their mnemonics could click a box when they are saving their stories / notes. Then when another person is looking at that word, they could scroll through other people’s ideas to see if anything grabs their fancy. Maybe its lazy, but I think some people come up with some great ideas - but scrolling through chats to see if someone has a story for a kanji is not very efficient.


Thanks for the link, looks interesting and new for me. I am also a beginner and always in search of multiple resources to learn from. WK do provide notes section to write your own mnemonics, that means they have the data for custom mnemonics made by learners, not sure whether that can be made available for others.

Just looking through the community chats, I see this has been discussed at length already :-).
For example:
And they seem to have created community mnemonic scripts: mentioned in:

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