Personal mmnemonics

Hey I would kind of be interested in seeing some of the custom mmnemonics that yall have that you particularly like, think it’d be a fun way to cement some of the things that are taught on this site. I can start with one of mine for 献血 which is blood donation and the reading kenketsu mine is “ken” was supposed to do a blood donation but gave “ketsu” ← ketchup instead cause he wanted that bag.

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On mobile, the line got cut off at
“ken” was supposed to do a blood donation but gave “ketsu”

And I was like damn, lucky fellas working at the blood donation organization

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Some community mnemonics can be found here (via link to GitHub page of the project, then Google Sheets).

Personally, I create mnemonic sometimes, just to be thrown away when I make sufficient initial memorization (say, Guru). Otherwise, mnemonics may be revised along the time to initial memorization.

Regarding 献血, it probably rolls in ears (no need for mnemonics for me, unless I notice that I fail to remember), but On reading for each kanji needs to be remembered well first.

Hahahah, that’s even better my dude

Eyy thanks appreciate ya <3.

弾劾 (だんがい) impeachment

How many times has that that “Don guy” been impeached now?

Yoinking that one, thanks^^

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