[Worksheets] Verb Conjugation Drills

Hello everyone! I made you some worksheets to practice verb conjugation. Here’s what they look like:

Update 6/3/15: By popular demand, I updated the file to include all 730 verbs from WK levels 1-50 in the file “Verb Drills All.” This isn’t all the forms a verb can take; I didn’t include the ず form or compounds with すぎる and so on, but it’s all the core forms that can be tricky at the beginning, and if you can identify all these forms for the verbs you’re learning, it will speed up your reading and writing a lot. (Keep in mind that in some cases, you can technically make a verb construction, but it might not have any practical or grammatical use, like 上られる in the examples above.)

So get your practice on! Do all 730 verbs. Do it backwards. Do it standing on your head. Here’s the download link. “Verb Drills All Levels” has all the WK verbs, while “Verb Drills Blank” lets you make your own worksheets.



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Hope you find it useful! And I'll expand it to include the rest of the verbs on the site when I have time.

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