Any recommendations on studying verb conjugations?

Guys, how do you study verb conjugations? Some suggestions of webpages or apps?

I was thinking to make anki deck, but this effort is greatly undermined by a few difficulties, such as: 1. Jisho android app doesn’t find verb conjugations, only plain forms. Because of that, I could only add a particular conjugation to Anki through “conjugation” tab, but the Anki import feature doesn’t work there, it only works on the main vocabulary entry. 2. I wasn’t able to find any other vocabulary app which easily imports entries to Anki, or if it does, it still can’t do this with conjugations.

Anyway, maybe there is some other way… If so, I’d be happy to hear it!

If you search through the forums for topic names that include “verb,” you’ll find a lot of threads.  The one that sticks out the most is the verb conjugation worksheets that BreadstickNinja made.  I also just received this, which is supposed to be pretty good:

Breadstick’s verb conjugation sheet: /t/Worksheets-Verb-Conjugation-Drills/8250/1

I really like how it just goes over the verbs covered in the first 10 levels of WK. Remember, repetition is key!


There are tons of conjugation apps for Android (and I’ve seen my friend with some for iOS). The one I use is an Android app, it’s pretty good, you should also look into Tae Kim’s guide to learning Japanese along with any other resource on verb conjugation such as this verb conjugator. With the verb conjugator (which is essentially just verb charts) it’s good so that you can practice like flash cards along with learning the patterns you see in the verbs (after having learned the basics from Tae Kim or elsewhere).

Why do people keep shoveling Tae Kim? It isn’t too bad for reference and the explanations aren’t bad. I personally liked imabi for learning my conjugations so far and while these earlier concepts seem the same to TK, It looks like imabi has overall just so much more content. The only big turnoff is the UI for me, The mobile site is actually quite nice though. Imabi + WK + Genki Vocab Decks + Other Auxilary Decks (Love me some Anki to give me some core 6k sentence exposure) + Lang-8 and you can really get some solid verb practice. Those conjugation sheets are new to me though. Thanks for the link Warrior (and by extension Breadstick).

Thanks for recommendations.
1. I really would like something digitally based, rather than printed… 
2. I tried Conjugation Japanese app, but the problem is I can’t select words which I’d like to study, that’s the deal-breaker… Also, no polite forms, can’t mix different forms together (practicing one particular conjugation at a time…) and generally lack of any customization abilities don’t help.

I see that this conjugation app from the Genki team came out in March:

Anyone got any experience with it? I;m not finding many reviews

Putyouinmyoven said... I see that this conjugation app from the Genki team came out in March:

Anyone got any experience with it? I;m not finding many reviews
 I haven't seen that (don't have an iPhone) but it looks awesome! And it's only $6 so I'd give it a shot. If it really teaches all 28 conjugations covered by Genki then it would be a really good supplemental resource to those books, or to anyone learning the language. is rather wonderful.