Wondering about the mechanics past level 2

Now that I’m in the midst of learning radicals and kanji and vocabulary words, I’m wondering how, if at all, the basic WK experience changes as I level up, primarily from a mechanical stand point.

Mainly what I’m wondering is - does the volume of kanji and vocabulary increase significantly at some point? If so about where?

At level 25, will I be having the same basic experience, or does it get way more intense (assuming I’m able to keep in memory the stuff leading up to level 25). Maybe that’s a loaded question…

Anyways, get what I’m asking?

You seem to have the right idea about later levels. Eventually you’ll be learning a lot less radicals, with more focus put on your kanji and vocab learning. Your vocabulary words per level shoots up (over 100 vocab per level is common). However, your kanji per level stays pretty consistent (it usually averages like, 34 kanji per level).

The other thing to keep in mind is that as your items increase through the ranks, you’ll notice your workload increase as old things come back. So there’s normally a spike in reviews/day when your Master reviews start coming, then another spike as your Enlightenment reviews come, and a final spike when it’s time to start Burning, at which point you’ll probably know about how many reviews/day you can expect for the rest of your WK journey.

The other thing to keep in mind is that you’re setting up your own intensity level. You choose how many lessons to do, you choose to stay on top of your reviews, and—well, you can’t always choose how many days you spend on a level but it’s not out of your hands either.

I hope that helps!


Shadkat’s pretty much got it. If you’re the sort of person who tries to complete levels as quickly as possible, you’ll definitely see a marked increase in the rate of reviews coming in, and that will continue pretty much for the entire first 6 months. I tend to have around 200 reviews coming in the next 24 hours at any given point, give or take 100. You’ll also get large amounts of new lessons at once, from leveling up and guru-ing your kanji at the same time. I’ve gotten over 100 new lessons upon leveling up a number of times.


Even though you can level up relatively quickly, you’re still not done with everything on that level for at least 6 months. What happens is the workload from each level overlaps with your prior levels over the last 6 months, so it adds up to a lot more work:

Level1: .. .  .    .       .               .
Level2:    .. .  .    .       .               .
Level3:       .. .  .    .       .               .
Level4:          .. .  .    .       .               .
Level5:             .. .  .    .       .               .
Level6:                .. .  .    .       .               .

So, for example, 6 months from now, you might be just starting Level 30, and finally finishing Level 1.

Overall, your workload over time will end up looking something like this, with the X axis representing months:

(Though your accuracy will affect the daily review count, and your accuracy and speed will affect how many total months it takes).


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