What Can I Expect Past Level 1?

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Hi, I joined Wanikani very recently and this morning levelled up to a very impressive level 2 (yay!).
I was hoping to get some insight from others as to what is in front of me. I know that after level 3 its a subscription, which at the moment I plan to buy. Are there new radicals in every level? Does the amount of kanji/vocab go up with each level? By how much? Just some advice/info would be great!


If you want, you should be able to see the content of future levels in the dashboard. From there you can go look at item pages too.

As for what the experience is like, it ramps up steadily. Slow acceleration, high max speed. If you desire :slight_smile:


You can see for yourself what every level contains. Just click “Levels” at the top of the dashboard and you can browse all the levels.


For a more clear structured overview, pay a visit to https://www.wkstats.com:10001
You can even sort it according to your logic :slight_smile:


Pretty much! There’s a big drop in the number of radicals per level around level 10 though (it’s about 20 - 30 per level very early on, right?), and then at I think level 14 it drops again to being around 6 - 8 per level.

It gets even lower later on: 2 - 4 radicals in the 40s, and then about 1 radical per level in the 50s.

Not really. The number of kanji varies around about 35 every level.

The number of vocab does increase at about level 4 to very roughly 125. It’s quite variable but doesn’t consistently increase after this or anything. This drops down in the 50s to below 100 again.


If you’re lucky!

I made a little graph about it :slight_smile:


Radicals become very easy over time. You get less of them, and many of them will be based on kanji you already learned.

Kanji and vocab each hover around 30+ and 100+ per level, respectively, and this stays pretty consistent except for some levels around 10-20 which have closer to 130-140 vocab.

The biggest thing to prepare for is the slow review ramp up as SRS items start coming back. The first month or two are fairly easy, but then items you’ve gotten to master level will start coming back for review and your queue will expand. This will happen again four months later when your enlightened items start coming back for you to burn. So after about six or seven months, your daily review amount can easily balloon to 150-250 items. Every single day. Until the end of time. And you have to fit in new lessons on top of it all. You can mitigate this by having a limit to your apprentice level items, but there are lots of topics about that sort of thing around the forums.

My best advice is to find a daily schedule that works for you and stick to it absolutely. If you stick with wanikani, you’ll be here a while, so don’t leave anything to chance. Just show up every day and put in the work and you’ll be fine.

And welcome to the community! :smiley:


I thought that was a picture of Bart Simpson :copyright:



Wow thank you everyone for the quick and super helpful replies! I’m looking forward to getting more involved in the community and boosting my knowledge!


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