WKStats/HeatMap Chart Visual Thing!

Hi all! :wave:

After reading the Heatmap Stories thread (brought to you by @Abstormal and @Kumirei) and then looking at my WK Stats, I was inspired to start this thread. What is thread? Well, in @rfindley’s updated WKStats website (found here https://www.wkstats.com:10001) you can make a chart/graph/visual of your kanji progress. (Insert standard “Sorry if this has already been done before” apology here.)

I have a nice gradient effect which proves that even at level 9, I still have those problem children from the early levels. I’m looking at you:eyes:.


  • Since I’m still in the low levels, I only had to zoom out a bit to capture my chart, but for higher levels, you may have to break out those MS Paint skills, or Photoshop for you overachievers, to get everything in one image.
  • Also, other people could end up stalking your chart to find out which kanji or vocabs you keep missing. So, basically this is airs out your dirty laundry for all of the community to see. Hey, what’s the worst that could happen? Everyone could point and laugh at you and never like your posts again because your 一 kanji is still an apprentice and you’re a level 25+. (Hey, it happens. It was probably just a typo. :wink: We believe you.) But, this could be good motivation to get rid of those leeches.


  • Bond with other WKers over those stubborn kanji that you keep missing.
  • Show off how well you are doing in your reviews that have nothing to do with that override script. :smirk:

If you’re still with me and want to join in, here are some instructions for getting your very own multicolored chart/graph/visual/thing!!

  1. Go to the WKStats site here.
  2. Items > WaniKani and configure your chart as shown below. I left out the Locked items and Radicals because psht! radicals, who needs 'em.
  3. Capture your very own chart and post it for all to see. I zoomed my screen out to capture everything in one go but other levels may vary.
    Side Note: So that the image isn’t huge, I changed the size of the image when posting. My above chart is 300 Width x equivalentHeight. Or, you can collapse it by using [details=insert text here]insert image here[/details]
Collapsed Image

I’m looking forward to scoping out the competition! pointing and laughing at you all! seeing everyone’s progress and beautiful artwork! Feel free to share your progress here where it doesn’t matter how often you do your reviews or how fast you are going, only that you are making progress! 頑張って!




I can’t find this configuration window XD So can you pls make a screen where I have to click?

Radical lives matter ! (and also that I don’t have a lot of items so it makes it seem like I have more)
PS: That cross radical still in Guru is me writing ten like an idiot


Even at level 9 it’s too big D:: (some are burned, because I reset from level 20)

If it’s only kanji, it’s so much nicer:DD


At the top of the page there is >Open Config. Just click to pop it open.

Points and laughs at your Ten
Honestly though all those kanji with different radical names mess me up all the time.

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Oooo You have very nice level segregation! :ok_hand:

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I do radicals (sometimes first half of the kanji) as soon as I can, and then the vocab as soon as it opens (and I’m still a functioning human being), so I think that might be the reason :sweat_smile:


Yeah mine’s way too big, so I did just kanji :durtle_the_explorer:



Yeah it’s a rollercoaster of emotions when you get it wrong, thinking you got it right, but then no you didn’t ahah back to apprentice get rekt, but that was before I discovered scripts, doesn’t happen anymore lol (except when I’m truely being retarded)


The hell, it‘s another version of the old wkstats i always use Xd

Edit: totally missed that.
But i have to do a screen on the pc. On mobile it‘s impossible to get everything on one page XD

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It’s a new version still in development. But I opened it for use because everything except the “Progress” chart is finished.


Only kanji because there’s too many vocab.


No love for the native lattices ANIME%20NITRO%20EMOTE%20SERVER-1



@MissMisc cough show off cough That’s a hard earned post, congrats! :tada: I can only hope that someday, in the distant future, eventually, maybe, in a galaxy far far away, I can post something similar.

@cybershark This post may or not be an endorsment for @rfindley’s new and improved WKStats site and the creator of this thread may or may not recieve compensation for each new user that uses it. Definitely not. Nope. What? Who said anything about bribes!? :sweat_smile:

@Kumirei Very pretty lattice progression!! I was very vague on what is posted. Is it a chart? Is it a graph? What Is It? :hear_no_evil: Therefore, I believe we can make an exception in your case and allow your lattices. Ours are prettier though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You can do it!



It’s ummm… built-in to WaniKani already :stuck_out_tongue: but Kumirei is using a theme to style the site.

Just kanji and vocab