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Hey guys. Where I can see my graph? i.e. How many days has it taken me for each level etc… thnks


Adding to what @Kumirei said:
To get to your statistics you need your API code.
Go to Wanikani :arrow_right: Menu :arrow_right: Settings :arrow_right: Account :arrow_right: scroll down until you see "“Pubilc API Key:arrow_right: Generate your key :arrow_right: Type the key into and it you will have all your data.
To see your charts on wkstats, Click on “Progress” on the left top corner and scroll to the bottom.
Items” will show all the words, kanji, and radicals you’ve completed on Wanikani, as well as the kanji you’ve completed for JLTP, Joyo, and Frequency
Charts” will show you how much you will learn each level

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