Why wkstats show different things?

According to the old wkstats, I average almost 11 hours per level, but the new one says 8. Which one is correct?

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The old wkstats used your average level up time, while the new one uses the median. By doing that, any outliers are not really taken into account.


But the duration of each level was decreased too

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As in the level up graph? That’s strange. Do you have some pictures for clarity?

wk2 wk1

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Wuh? I think @rfindley should take a look at this.

Maybe the new one is correct. Before I knew about the new site I was surprised that no matter how fast I tried to level up I kept finishing a level in 10 days. Now it makes more sense

The old site uses your first lessons of the new level to know when you leveled up as the API v1 doesn’t give any data on level up. With the API v2, you can directly request the level up times.
This means if you did your first new lessons of the new level a couple days after actually levelling up, the old site would show a couple more days than it actually took you.


Basically, just don’t use the old page anymore.


On the old site, your browser isn’t reporting your APIv1 key to me (probably an ad blocker treating it like analytics or something), so I can’t look at your data. It may have something to do with your resets, but I’m not sure.

The info on the new site is correct. As Powerpuncher said, APIv2 actually has the level-up info, so I don’t have to guesstimate when level-ups actually happened.


I have an adblocker and a noscript addon, maybe is that?

Also I get a 404 error when trying to look up the projections.

On the new version? The projections aren’t finished yet. That’s really the only part missing (compared to the old site).

While you’re here, can I register a wish for whenever you get around to it (or not)? On the stats page, also put the breakdown of SRS level vs. accuracy, maybe a lifetime and a “last 30 days”. I’ve been getting that through the cut/paste code you posted a while back, but it would be nice for it to be in the same place. That’s one stat I actually USE, as in change my behavior (how much I study mnemonics) based on how I’m doing. The others are more just info.

Yep, I was planning on it, but I don’t want to imply any promises.


Will this site work in Firefox?

Yes, it works on Firefox.

weird… I get no response to my key in FF… only works in Chrome. It looks good BTW

You probably have a corrupt indexedDB, which is a known issue with Firefox. Try clearing cache while on the stats site and try again.

no luck, the old site does what I want it to do so I will stick with it rather than use chrome