WKStats "Coverage" for Vocabulary

First of thanks to whomever in the forums recommended wkstats to me. I love it.

I was looking at the “Coverage” section, but everything just seems to be measuring the percentage of Kanji against different metrics (JLPT, Grade Level, etc.). Do similar metrics for vocabulary exist? For example, if I am at WK level 12, what percentage of JLPT N5 Vocab have I covered. Does any have those stats?

I know that WK is mostly about learning the kanji and that the vocab is more about reinforcing them, I know that I at this point that I do know a lot of vocab not covered in WK from other resources, but I am just interested how much is actually being learned via WK.

It’s not impossible, but kind of difficult in the sense that you won’t get a super straight answer. In particular I’ve seen issues where say 寺 didn’t match against お寺 so the outcome ends up a bit shaky depending on whatever the list’s source was. You might also want to try asking one of the JLPT threads.

As a workaround style answer I think KameSame and Torii SRS have JLPT options and WK integration, so you could sync up and compare progress there. I know Bunpro does as well, buuut I think you have to manually resync for vocab decks there if you were checking frequently. Kitsun has JLPT decks as well, but there’s no WK integration that I know of yet so you’d have to jump through some export/import hoops to make it work. I think Anki would be in the same boat as Kitsun.

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a list of JLPT vocabulary.

Even the kanji lists are a pretty weak approximation of what you might encounter on the JLPT exams, though that doesn’t mean they’re not useful.


jisho.org has a classification for vocab words by JLPT level, and they base it off of Jonathan Waller’s JLPT Resources - Free Japanese Vocabulary lists and MP3 sound files . But, like you said, there is no guarantee that other words won’t appear in the test, it’s more like a rough guiding rail. But on the other hand, you gotta start somewhere :woman_shrugging:


This will give you an approximate view: https://community.wanikani.com/t/jlpt-vocabulary-vs-wanikani/15693?source_topic_id=19759


I actually don’t have plans to take the JLPT so I am less concerned about whether this word or that word is covered in WK vs its JLPT level. My goals are mostly around reading comprehension. I was just wondering whether there was a similar list along the lines of the WKstats info that tells you info like at at WK Level 12 you should know about 70% of kanji you see on NHK Easy or 60% of kanji you’ll see on twitter, but with vocabulary words.

I know when I try reading now, I am still looking up plenty of words. Of course, I have been reading English for almost 50 years, and still look things up sometimes, so I don’t expect that part of to ever go away.

If such a chart or breakdown doesn’t exist it’s that big a deal, I was just wondering if someone had done something similar to those percentages with vocabulary instead of kanji.

Unfortunately, you really need to supplement WK with something else since the WK vocab is focused on memorizing the Kanji so there’s a ton of vocab left out. Most WK users go with Anki and something like the Core 10k Deck, and I’ve also heard good things about the Tango N4/N5 decks.

Personally, I’m not a fan of Anki so I just power through with a dictionary. :wink:

Regardless, the three pillars of Japanese reading comprehension are:

  1. Grammar
  2. Vocab
  3. Kanji

Wanikani helps you with #3, but you still need to put in a lot of work on #1 and #2. :slight_smile:


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