List of Kanji by level?

For totally not evil reasons, I require a plain text list of WK Kanji and their levels Okay, you got me, it’s for a flashcard deck. Is there one floating about anywhere? I have other ways I can do this, such as just looking at the kanji list myself and copy-pasting, but this would be so much less work for me if one is already out there that someone is happy to share!

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You can see them at WKStats, not sure about copying them from there but maybe?

ETA: Okay yeah you can copy each level’s list in one go from there, you still gotta go level by level but it’s easier than individually through WK.

ETA2: If you copy from WaniKani / Kanji, you’ll get 10 levels worth at a time and all the readings/meanings in one go, if that’s what you’re looking for.


This is one of the other ways I suggested, but the issue I have is I need to be able to copy individual kanji to apply to a filter, and it’s format doesn’t make that highlighting individual kanji very easy :sweat_smile:

Yeah, I just realized that works when I tried it myself. So thanks! That’s definitely helpful, perhaps I’ll just make my own list using this :slight_smile:


Not sure if too late, but this might be useful – just gotta do some filtering:


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