Time spend per level

Sorry for asking stupid question but I cant find it anywhere,

Where can I see how much time i took per level?

You can find your API by going to the bottom of the WaniKani homepage.

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Thank you very much! I thought it was somewhere in the profile section and was driving myself crazy! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I resetted my account somewhere but it seems that it doesn’t take that into account.
It looks like I have been on leven two for a really long time xD

You can click the individual bars in the graph to exclude them from the calculations, so any of them that are exceedingly long just click on them.

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Thanks again!

The new website is wkstats.com
Basically the same thing, but easier to remember and type. Also, maybe it’ll be better maintained? I don’t really know

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Idigtech redirects to wkstats


I still don’t know if wkstats means WK Statistics or WaniKani’s Tats


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