WK should work with script devs and officially implement some of them

this is mostly tangent rambling, feel free to ignore. tl;dr at the bottom

Bunpro has a built in timeline, heatmap, undo/double check, light/dark mode, bunny mode (aka lightning mode) and I feel like the experience is a lot better for it. Oh, did I mention it has the ability to mark things as known or remove them from your reviews? You can learn anything in any order you want there, or reset individual items you have trouble with, or even remove said items from your reviews (the lack of leech management on WK annoys me to no end). Also, I’ve been enjoying Satori Reader’s heatmap. It’s a stupid thing to care about especially given how out of the way it is on that site, but it makes me really happy just to have it.

In the case of WK I feel like some of the more universally nice scripts just reflect flaws in the content body or presentation of the app itself. Stuff like Niai visually similar kanji or the semantic-phonetic composition almost feel like a straight upgrade to me. It’s not like I’d want a straight port (and really, that would make no sense given how hacky scripts are by nature), but there are ideas there that could definitely bring a subtle, but greatly improved user experience to the site.

Regarding double check… Sometimes (in bunpro) I’ll do crap like undoing a correct answer and trying out different forms of a particular phrase or whatever. It’s really nice to be able to play around with multiple possible answers on top of general typo or other derpiness. It’s not like that feature has to be enabled by default either. Just shove the toggle into the danger zone or some form of advanced settings. This is what the mobile app I use does and my honorary boomer fingers really appreciate getting the touch screen assistance.

Speaking of mobile apps, the entire mobile experience being carried by third party apps is also a bit disappointing to me. When I first did WK the nice apps we have today didn’t even exist. I had to awkwardly trying to sneak review session submissions whenever my train would get out of tunnels during the daily commute (iirc, trying to submit when the connection got cut would lose the whole session). The experience was nothing short of awful and yet it’s been left to slave labor really nice community members who work in painfully inefficient ways to give the community nice things.

And for all of this, the weird thing is that the WK staff seem to be aiming for some improvement. Just at a snail’s pace (from the perspective of an end user). Some of the API changes imply that they considered fundamental changes to the site and I don’t really see the merit in the react conversions if future development isn’t on the table. However, I don’t have any expectation of seeing noteworthy improvements given how little has changed in the fiveish years I’ve known this site.

Then I look at Bunpro. Half the cost with a free mode that’s arguably too generous. It has existed for significantly less time, but has gone on a massive hiring spree that has resulting in a drastic overhaul of the site in the last half a year or so including the implementation of completely new features and it has a fairly active mod team on their forums (even the ceo lol).

There’s WK which is great, but seemingly unchanging and super focused on forcing everyone into the one true learning experience. Then there’s Bunpro, a little kid that’s rough around the edges but at least seems like it’ll grow into something… Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised and see Eto Eto launch Tomorrow™

tl;dr - There’s a lot of nice QoL stuff that could be implemented as optional features purely for the sake of improving user experience, but I get the impression WK would rather maintain the status quo and it’s a bloody shame.