WK Reviews: The Final Countdown (userscript)

Well, as my 1000+ item review queue likes to remind me, I’ve been away a while, but I’m back with a new update.  See the OP for details.  Also, to those whose posts I missed in my absence:

crihak said…Could it be modified to allow the exclusion of radicals and kanji though? I’m using the override script, so I can just do that manually.
It sure can.  With this latest update, you can choose to ignore whatever item types you like.  Enjoy and 頑張って.

raegefilth said…Yo, I definitely want to try this! o:

Also… Is your icon Robert Fripp wearing a flower crown… Bless.
Go for it!  I hope it thoroughly enhances your review experience.  And yes, my icon was Robert Fripp wearing a flower crown.  Good catch, and thanks.  “Seasonal Fripp” became kind of my thing after last year’s Christmas hat thread (even though I completely missed summer and was super late on fall—shh, don’t tell anyone).

crihak said...Could it be modified to allow the exclusion of radicals and kanji though? I'm using the override script, so I can just do that manually.
It sure can.  With this latest update, you can choose to ignore whatever item types you like.  Enjoy and 頑張って.
Thanks :) This has been proving useful so far! A bit more reviews, but a lot less time spent reviewing overall! Plus it feels better to recall quickly than to sit there frustrated over something on the tip of your E-tongue.

Nice addition to the scripts category. However i’d like to emphasize that struggling to recall is actually a good thing when you eventually succeed. Sticks better in your memory

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however, struggling to remember a term extremely fast will make your brain know this is something you should know like second nature. Probably. I don’t know, I’m a junior in high school, not a psychologist. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for this script, it’s possibly my favourite one :slight_smile:

I just wanted to say that for me the settings menu gets covered up by the answer field on my default zoom level on chrome (I have to zoom out to 67% to see all of it)…

CropperCapture 10-18-2017 [4]

Tbh I never even realised it was there, so when I clicked on it I had no idea what it was and accidentally selected to ignore vocabulary, then was going spare trying to figure out why the timer had disappeared from them :stuck_out_tongue:

@Kasei-Ibara Thanks! Glad you’re finding it useful. Thanks for the bug report as well. That menu’s usually far enough away from my answer field that I wouldn’t have known that was an issue. I’ve put up an update that should fix the issue. Let me know if it works for you.

@johnDoe Thanks. You make a good point, too. There is a benefit to taking some extra time to try and remember the word. If you successfully recall it with that extra effort, you’ll have strengthened that pathway and it should be easier to recall the next time. You don’t really get the same benefit if you aren’t able to call it to mind, though—as I understand it, at least. At the same time, if you have to really struggle to bring the word to mind, it’s probably worth having it pop up for review a few extra times to really cement it. Setting a reasonable but comfortable time limit to answer, then, can be a good way to keep yourself honest about what you really know well and what you could use to review a bit more.

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Probably. I guess if you don’t want a timer you just don’t dowload this script anyway.

To people who use this, if anyone does anymore…

You can fix the timer not disqualifying your reading answer when you take too long by replacing the kanji and special characters in “えと…忘れた” in the code (near the bottom, line 230) with something like “さっぱりわすれた” or whatever. Since with anything but kana the “answer” won’t be accepted, so the purpose of the script sort of stops working.

Sorry, for black magicking this old post, to those not interested.


Well, there’ve been a couple recent installs, so it seems people do indeed still use this thing, and you’re very kind to post a fix here to help them all keep it working properly. I’ve added your fix to the published version of the script, which should save some people the trouble of making the change themselves. Thanks, @Dormic.

Thanks for this, OP!

i) I love this script!
ii) I’m a chicken.

I have made a minor edit which adds an extra “Warning Only” option, in which case if you run out of time, the script intentionally inputs an invalid instead of incorrect answer, and you can keep thinking if you want. I put my edited version at this link.

For me, this makes me 99% committed to doing my reviews in a timely manner, but takes away the irrational panic of running out of time (which makes me unable to think of anything).

Hoping OP-先輩 might incorporate this edit in the official version (perhaps do it more cleanly too…)?


I love this script. Really useful for keeping the review sessions productive and avoiding pointless straining to remember. I do have a problem with it though that I’m surprised isn’t already implemented.

When the timer hits 0 and you hit enter because you just finished timing, that means you can’t hit ignore answer if you have a script for it (which in my eye is essential with a script like this. Even without it I imagine you’d feel cheated when this happens. All it needs to do is hit enter when time runs out in case you’d answered it in time but couldn’t submit.

Another idea to further this is the timer pausing or letting you continue if you’re still typing. This is harder to implement cleanly and avoid abuse, but it’s the users fault if they cheat and just as an option a little jank is fine. This isn’t something I expect to get added but it would help solve the problem of knowing the answer but not having time to write it.

Hopefully at least the first thing can get implemented, since that has reset known answers plenty of times for me. Good work on the script!

Good script, lots of good user additions I’ve seen as well. I was a little distracted by the milliseconds counter so I slightly modified the below function to remove the decimal. Would be better to have a option that allows you to choose the “precision” of the displayed counter and perhaps even the update interval.

function updateCountdownDisplay(time) {
	// If this is only called once per question change, the counter doesn't show
	// for some reason.  There's probably some other JS running that overwrites it.
	if ($('#countdown').length === 0) {
		$('#question-type h1').append(' (<span id="countdown"></span>s)');

    var newTime = Math.trunc(time);

Hey, gotta say I love this script. Really helps me get reviews done much faster. Just two things…
① I agree with @ThePieMonster in that the decimal is distracting and stressful, so I used a ceil function to round it up.
② It really annoyed me when I was about to input an answer but ran out of time. So I modified to script to just input whatever I had already typed if there was anything typed at all (see below).
Otherwise I really love it dude. Thanks for adding this wonderful contribution to the site.

function submitWrongAnswer() {
    if ($('#answer-form input').val() == "")
        if (isReadingQuestion()) {
        else {
            setResponseTo('Umm… I forget.');

@ToastedRice Thanks and nice addition! I am using this now too. Would be great to see these updates included in a future release.

This is great! But it seems to break the Fast Multiple Answers script. With this script enabled, that no longer auto-displays the list of valid answers for me on submitting a valid answer.

Looked at the script contents for both briefly, but nothing immediately jumped out. Guessing they might be stepping on each other’s toes wrt event handling or something?

Update: got it! Sort of. Final countdown appends directly to #question-type h1 , but fast multi-answers depends on its contents to check the item type. Replacing that (near the end of the script) with #countdown-settings-button makes it so both scripts work without problem. It also moves the timer to the bottom right of the page, which is a bit less distracting.

Fantastic script, best one in the community maybe. The only thing I can think of that would improve it is to be able to select for SRS levels as well as type. Right now I can except radicals, kanji, or vocab. But what would be best IMO is to except things until I get them to the guru level, regardless of type.

Cheers for this version of the script. I’m a web developer but can’t be bothered figuring out how WK works to wrestle with WKOF, use JS rather than TS, etc. The OG script doesn’t work well with Anki Mode, and this is a better solution anyway.

Very cool script, thanks!

I set the timer pretty high at 20 secs, but also deleted this part so I can’t see the countdown (I hope that doesn’t break anything…?)

var displayTime = (timeRemaining / 1000).toFixed(1);

My mind has been wandering a lot whilst reviewing recently, so I’m hoping this will scare me into staying focused :sweat_smile:

Is there any possibility of getting this to work in extra study?

(I’m saying this to several scripts but Discourse is getting mad at me for writing the same post so I have to write something else)

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