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Welcome to the WK Mnemonic Request Hub!

  • Are you really, really struggling to remember a character/vocabulary?
  • Are your own mnemonics lacking creativity?
  • Do you constantly confuse similar Kanji?

All you need to do is share any WaniKani character/vocabulary you really struggle with and the community will (hopefully) share their own mnemonics or help you to create your own!

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I was going to start this thread, luckily I found this in the search function. How come no one is using this? I could be so useful.

Well, does anyone have a decent mnemonic for 干渉 - Interference? I even tried thinking about a Ford car, but nothing comes to mind.

Because people already use this post instead :slight_smile:

Also, a Ford/渉 enters into interference when it’s dry/干 (no gas).

Have you tried focusing on the radical mnemonic for this word?
I feel like antenna -> interference is an easier leap than ford -> interference.
Unless it’s like… to ford is to cross… antennas… crossing… signal interference!

(I am sorry XD)


I’ve just learned 干 as the kanji for dry, so I didn’t think of the radical. Antennas crossing>signal interference, that is actually great, thanks! 助かりました!

The Leech squashing thread also has lots of discussions on meanings, nuances, strategies for identifying and squashing words you have trouble with, etc. I thought of this thread as a quick, straightforward way to request a mnemonic when the one provided by WK seems insuficient.

Anyway, I thought it would be useful because of this thread:


I noticed the ‘Leech Squashing’ thread several times before I made this topic but I never clicked on it because I thought it was about something completely different. :grinning:

Yes, I can see there are quite a lot of similarities. This topic is intended purely for requesting mnemonics.

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