WK Milestone talk

Checking my WK stats page I realise I only have exactly 3000 more items locked items. I have already done 5,831 lessons so far, so that means I am roughly 2/3 of the way through (just by virtue of being on level 38).

I have burned 3777 items out of 8,831 total items, so about 42% already. even though I still have unburned items from as far back as level 3, and even an apprentice item from level 18 (that wasn’t recently added in the content update), I feel pretty good about this.

I have been at this for about 1 1/2 years (started 10 December 2017), and I have had some ups and downs in my leveling times, but the last third should go a little faster.


I was thinking about this the other day. On one hand I’m days or at most a week away to “half way” and making it to level 30. Though if I look at it as “learned” items out of total items I’m already past 50%! But then if I look at it as burned items out of total… 12%. Haha.


But! since burning items mostly depends on time, the byrn percentage compared to level is going to be lower the faster you go. So if you look at up to what level you have been burning items, and how many you failed out of those, that would also be an interesting stat.


Nope. Wait. Stop. Hold it.


You work damn hard on your Japanese, and I don’t know anyone that takes as many classes as you do. ^^ Don’t sell yourself short - you’re awesome!


Goooood jobbbbbbbbbb :heart_eyes:


Hey, there’s so many layers to what is “learned,” just think, you’d probably still recognize some of that stuff that’s not burned yet if you came across it in a book or on a trip to Japan, so that’s awesome.

… conversely, you might still forget something you see that you burned a while back, lol.

Ah, language.

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