WK 1 Month Progress

As title suggests, I have been using WK for a month (32 days I think to be accurate). I didn’t think I would get hooked, but it’s addicting and honestly has been the best way to hammer kanji into my thick skull.

I talked a little smack about the service when I was first starting, but meh, I can honestly see why the pace is so measured now. Lessons can snowball, and in turn that makes reviews snowball. I had 0 lessons available last night. Definitely possible to bury yourself by moving too fast.

I’ve reached level 5, and I can honestly say that with the meager kanji I have learned so far, it is already practical and I am seeing what I have studied in-the-wild already. So anyway, no real point to this thread, except go me, I am a rockstar, blah blah blah :slight_smile:


When this happens it is recommended not to do all lessons in one go. If you spread your lessons over time you keep the review workload under control.


おめでとう!As a LV14, that screenshot up there is bringing back nostalgia. Have I really learned so much in just a few months?

…All of which is to say that WK is a very efficient way of learning kanji and if you just stick with it, your comprehension of Japanese will grow very quickly. I just hope that I don’t fall victim to レベル十五の呪い。。。


Definitely. I happened to read about the recommended 100/500 spacing for Apprentice/Guru to keep things from flying off the handle. So far without knowing that I have been pretty good about it, but now that I’m starting to get Mastered items, the Guru level is definitely something to keep an eye on for sure. If I burned through all of my lessons right now today, at a later date the avalanche effect would kick in.


Nah, that’s fake. It’s the curse of Death you have to worry about (hence the name)

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