One month of WaniKani


One month of using WK, currently level 5 studying everyday consistently.

So far i’m liking the new vocab i’m learning (even though I had a fairly good grasp of kanji before starting WK). I would say that as an intermediate/advanced learner of Japanese (6 years total studying/living in Japan), I find aspects of WK challenging, getting to level 5 in a month, there are a lot of readings that can be tricky.

When I first signed up about 3 years ago, I abandoned WK and recently decided to come back to it to help beef up my JLPT N2 knowledge.

What are your first month stories?


Long one, though not that long.


Coming into it with some prior knowledge was definitely helpful for me, and I’m appreciating the way that I get some stuff I know, some stuff that’s new, and some stuff that I was vaguely aware of, but never really formally learned.
FirstMonthGraph FirstMonthHeatmap
25 lessons each morning and consistent reviews get you places :slight_smile:


I totally agree, it has been a pleasant surprise for me, a nice mix, and good to really solidify your learning. I respect anyone who can go a ‘week-per-level’ pace who have no prior knowledge, thats mad crazy. For me kanji learning came organically after living in Japan and reading a lot of material. After some time learning new kanji became easier, and dare I say it, ‘fun’. Anyway, your progress is good, it’s all about consistency isn’t it?


Yup, I’m on an unbroken 80 day streak since I started, and it feels very satisfying :smiley:


I’ve come to an understanding that the Secret in succeeding in WK is to do your reviews every day with thought and just trust the system. If it’s too hard, it’s not the system, but something that is in the way. “There is no success or failure, there is just reviews.” -WK Ancients


Hello, how are called the scripts you are using? Those graphs i mean :slight_smile:

WaniKani heatmap:


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Not on my first month yet, only on my first week but so far I am enjoying it. I have studied Japanese for several years now and kanji has always been my weak-point. Previously I did kanji in a classroom setting that was just “here is the kanji, the meaning and the reading now we have a test next week”. But they never stuck with me unless I was constantly writing them and reading them every day. I’ve also tried Anki and Remembering the Kanji but I never found them to be too helpful. My most recent attempt was going through the elementary Kanji-drill books. Again, not much was retained.

But on WK I feel like for the first time I am confident in Kanji that I have known for years. I feel like I am actually learning how to read and not just remember characters. So far this learning method seems to be effective and I can’t wait to see where I am in a few more months.


I’m exactly at one month myself.
Started on the 30th of September


If you are N2 level most of these words would be quite familiar to you I reckon. I’ve never really studied Japanese but I’ve been watching Japanese media and content for over 15years so so-far most of the words I’ve come across have been familiar to me.

I also started grinding out a RTK 1K deck on anki starting this week. Meanings only, no readings. Going at 20 a day on that so I should be done with that in about 2 months.

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In my first month, I had no problems kanji-wise. Mostly my problems were on radicals because one was ground and eight were fins. It took me about 15 levels before actually learning something “new” since I mostly consumed Japanese media for about 10 years already (therefore my vocabulary is quite wide; its just I cannot read). When I encounter a vocabulary, I’m always “ohh, so that’s how its written!” rather than learning both reading and meaning at the same time.


I can understand that well!

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Oh shit, here we go again…



Nice, good progress there, yeah my biggest problem is probably that I dont read enough material so i’m not exposed to enough vocab, i’m hoping WK will give me a boost and give me some more motivation. Any study is good study I think. Alright damlurker, as we are both about exactly the same level and time in, now we have to keep each other motivated!!


Anyone can beat this? :sweat_smile:


I fell sick twice… One where I had MC for 2 days, and another where I was out for nearly week.

Since I haven’t had fever in years until I started WK, the only conclusion, however improbable, must be that Wanikani increases the chances of fever.

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A few weeks ago I had a terrible fever for the first time in years too, pretty soon after my first burns… I think you’re on to something!

That’s exactly what I’m going through.
Granted I’m less than 10% in to the WK system at level 5, I’d say more than half of the kanji and vocab I come across I have heard before on some show or other…
I just came across some just now.


But then there’s stuff like 空車、open taxi? wait. wut?

So it does make the whole thing that much easier. I even sometimes remember kanji readings by remembering the meaning of vocab I already know… however this can backfire… like with 空、体。
Sky has always been そら to me, and same with body: からだ。Of course these aren’t the readings of the kanji itself…

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They are, just not the one that the review looks for^^
But you can still apply this. I have moments sometimes where I’ll enter the kunyomi, it’ll tell me that it’s looking for onyonmi, and then I have to think about words that contain the character to rederive the reading. Using one of your examples, i might remember that 体 can be read as たい because I know that 体力 is たいりょく.

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