Level 6 -- how is my speed?

Hey all, been using WK since November and just finishing up Level 6. I had a bit of a snafu and got stuck on Level 1 for like 40 days due to Tsurukame not synching with WK and so I didn’t get any new lessons LOL.

Anyway, I wanted to see if the speed I’m at is appropriate to avoid burnout. I try and do 5-10 lessons a day but I have a tendency to get bored and then do a few more… and a few more… and get ahead of myself.

The SRS system is great but it would be helpful (maybe there’s a userscript?) if I could structure my review times a bit more – like 8AM, 2PM, and then maybe 8PM before bed or something. But I get antsy and want to do my reviews as SOON as they pop up, especially on the app.

Any advice or tips on maintaining pace would be great.

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Did you check this guide?:3

TLDR: I would say doing 20 lessons per day is enough to go 7 days per level, I was doing that for the most time (unless I got sick or wanted to do all kanji (be sure to self study them in that case after))


Okay, that sounds close to what I was probably doing anyway (since I never stuck with the 5 a day rule LOL)

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Hi. I will share my method since I’m not too far ahead of you.
First few levels I was doing 10 lessons per day and my pace was 1lvl per ~14-15 days. I decided to increase the number of lessons done to 15 (this is all except radicals which I usually want to have started in one day). Now I tend to level up in about 12 days. I find this pace optimal for me, since I very rarely have the situation of having less than 15 lessons available during the day (shortly before leveling up I see < 10 lessons at the end of the day).
The important part is the schedule. Don’t try to rush things and rather establish fixed times for lessons/reviews. I usually do reviews while going to work in the morning and in the evening, thus they all pile up nicely at around 6AM and 6-8PM. Same with lessons, 3 times a day, 5 lessons each (morning after reviews, dinner time, going back from work). Doing so I don`t get overwhelmed and score high % during reviews :wink:

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So here’s what I’m trying.

I disabled notifications on Tsurukame so I don’t get a badge tempting me with reviews or notifications popping up. Instead I’ve set two recurring calendar reminders for 8AM and 8PM! Might put another in the middle of the day. Well see how it goes.

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Are you using the userscript to reorder your lessons? I think that using it gives you the most freedom to choose the pace that works best for you. You can do the radicals as soon as you can, space out the kanji over the first half of the level (until the radicals are guru’d) and also throw in as many vocab as you need to comply with whatever daily review count you are comfortable with.

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I’ll check at home but I think I have the lesson order userscript. :+1:t2:

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I would suggest doing a 4 hour interval at 12 pm, that would allow you to still stick to the schedule, but also not forget the items you just learned:3 And also leveling up faster, of course^^ If you dont have enough time, you might just do apprentice items and leave the rest for the evening


Just be aware that if you are using the reorder script and limiting the amount of lessons you are doing each day you have the potential to build up a large backlog of vocabulary lessons. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing depending on your priorities and what else you’re doing to study, but worth being aware of.


Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve hit Level 7! So now is a good time to get my study schedule in order.

I did another mid-day session reminder for 2PM.

@Matto3 thanks for the warning – the script I’m using now doesn’t reorder the lessons but allows you to “build” them depending on how many of each type you want to do. Since I’m going to do 20 lessons a day, I’ve broken it up to be as follows:

10 radicals (to unlock the kanji)
5 kanji (to unlock the vocab)
5 vocab (to build off current level’s kanji as well as any previous level’s kanji I may have guru’d late)

Once I’ve learned all the radicals I’ll split between kanji and vocab.


Just wanted to update everyone: I hit Level 8 after exactly 12 days using the schedule I came up with (reviews at 8AM, 2PM, and 8PM daily + 20 lessons a day) and it really worked well for me. I don’t feel too overwhelmed and usually my reviews are around 120-150 a day split up between the three times.


Well, considering I spent over a month on levels 3,4,5 and 6 I would say you’re doing pretty good! lol

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