How bad is progress affected if you spend too much time on a lesson?

So I’ve spent 16 days on lesson one but only because I signed up for WK 16 days ago and started lesson one by accident while navigating the site and then I got hit with finals at my university so I had to put down WK and didn’t officially start until Monday so I’ve actually been on lesson one of WK for like 6 days. I noticed that on WaniKani Statistics it says I’ve been on level 1 for 16 days and it gives all these predictions and statistics for how long it would probably take me to advance. Do those extra 10 days where I didn’t use WK actually screw things up? I also don’t want to reset my progress which I just learned I can do today because I know all the kanji for lessons 1 - 3 so I want to truck through those in the smallest time possible

Only matters if you like stats. And for bragging rights.

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As @anon6098980 said, it only matters for stats. If you click the level 1 bar in the chart, it will no longer count towards your stats.

Complete first 3 levels, they are introductory anyways.

Nah it doesn’t have any effect on how quickly you progress.

It doesn’t matter, I think my level 1 is 180 days or something ridiculous because I signed up to see what it was like but didn’t actually start using it until 6 months later.

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