Winter JLPT results announcement date?

Done N2 on 2nd of December. The guy who was sitting near me said they email the results early, so I didn’t bother to ask anyone of the personnel. Been 8 days and I’m a bit freaked out not getting anything still. How long do you usually wait for it? The link on the official JLPT site for “Other countries” keeps giving me “Secure Connection Failed”.

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Last December’s results were released in late January, but the proctor at my N3 exam this year said February.

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At our Test in Düsseldorf they told us you can see the results online on the end of january and the physical results will be mailed around march


Thanks. No early mail with those then. I figured that online results should be about end of January. Can anyone access this link? Not sure if this is the place, but it seems like they should appear there. Any other links maybe?

no, cant access the link. I bet it isn’t onlinw till the results are ready

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That makes sense. Will stock up on patience and wait then :smile:

I’d guess it will be 30th of June and 1st of December, since those are the Sundays one year after this year’s tests.

you mean for the date, when the next jlpt test take place?

Yeah. Sorry, I skimmed through and thought someone mentioned when the dates of the tests will be.

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