Asking advice about JLPT

Hello! I am planning on applying for JLPT exams which can happen by December this year, and its my first time doing this. I’d like an advice on which level I can take.

I tried sample exams for N3 before and I “passed” them. I’m still slow on the reading department, but I can read them. I generally have no problem in listening. So, I also tried N2 sample exams, and I found out my greatest weak point is the vocabulary (and of course kanji). Considering that application period will end by 2nd week of March, should I take the plunge and choose N2 exam or stay on the safe side and take N3? I can choose between taking the exam on July or December, but I plan to take the one in December.

I know the knowledge part is up to me, but I still hope to hear from veteran takers. Thank you!


Well, registration for the December test isn’t until the end of August through September, so no worries about wondering if you’ll be ready for N2 by December in March, if that helps!

If you’ve never taken it before, it might not hurt to take N3 in July if you have that as an option, but that’s just me and liking to know the environment and know what to expect. The certificate really isn’t going to do anything for you at N3, so it depends on why you’re taking the JLPT. For me, it’s just marking where I am in my studies and giving me something to work for, so taking N3 was worth it.


I say go for N2 unless the practice exams were way out of your element (which it doesn’t sound like they were). Not that the other levels aren’t important, but they’re ultimately just milestones towards N1. Barely passing, or even failing but not getting completely crushed by, the N2 > breezing through the N3.


Oh yes, December go for N2. Absolutely.

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I thought I can already apply for the December exam; I apparently can’t! So this July I’ll try N3. Hopefully I can know if I pass N3 before the end of the application for the December exam. Thank you!

For me its both preparing for probably an exchange program in Japan by next year or so and also for marking my studies. I don’t really need it now, but having an exam to take gives me more motivation to study.


Have you taken the actual test before?

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