Will WK be just as difficult in the later levels?

User scipts

Same as above, just do radicals first, and once all radicals are guru then you have to do the newest unlocked kanji right away. It’s a bit different for the fast levels, where I’m at now, you just have to do all radicals and kanji the moment you level up.

Some people have used Bunpro, a website you can check out, but I haven’t used it myself. I have used this YT playlist.


Thanks for the links! I look forward to using the script for my future levels.

I will try to do the cards in the order which you mentioned and hopefully I’ll notice a difference in my level up speed :slight_smile:

Your reply is much appreciated :pray:

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BunPro is IMHO the best grammar option available for learning via SRS. Even if you do not get a membership for the SRS system, though, BunPro is also good as a reference resource: They have hundreds of grammar points which can be searched, and are also arranged in various orders such as JLPT N5 to N1 (the default order), as well as various ‘Decks’ which are ordered according to different Japanese language learning textbooks, such as Tobira, Genki I and II, and also Tae Kim’s website. Also, many of the grammar point (maybe all?) have a Resources tab with links to various websites, videos, etc. which cover that specific grammar point.

Personally, I also have a lifetime subscription to BunPro, but my point is that you don’t have to have a subscription in order for it to be a useful reference/resource for directing you to other websites/videos/textbooks/etc.


Level 20 here! I almost burned out on reviews at around 10 or 11 and wkstats tells me that level 10 took me 31 days to do, now I’ve averaged to around 15 days per level. After the disaster that was level 10 I took someone’s advice that what matters is setting your own pace that you can keep up comfortably day in, day out. Since wanikani is basically just a set of cards that wait for you to go through them in in order, you can completely control your own pace and timing.

Since I’m already in my 30s and pressed for time, and I’m doing Japanese mostly as a hobby, I stopped doing every lesson as soon as I got it and set my daily lessons at a relatively leisurely 12 - no more, no less, unless I have to take a few days of vacation mode for travel etc. This way my Apprentices never go above 80 and I do around 100 reviews per day.

Now that WK has ‘caught up’ with my pace and on average I burn about as many cards as I start new lessons, I know every day what amount of work I’m looking at and can slot that easily into my daily schedule. I know I wont reach level 60 before 2024 but I know I’m making steady daily progress with some time left over for grammar studies and immersion. It’s about the journey, not the destination! :slight_smile:


Manga, novels, visual novels, I do all 3 every day. Reading is important. I second HaseebYousfani’s comment. Jumping straight into native material is gonna be rough, I wouldn’t worry too much. You can start out with NEWS WEB EASY (nhk.or.jp) easy news and graded readers on tadoku, which is what I and many other learners did. Once you feel ready, you can check out some of WK’s book clubs. My first time reading native material was through the takagi-san beginners book club, which is still ongoing.


I will try the NEWS WEB EASY and Takagi San!

Thank you for the suggestions!

I’d also like to agree with what @Phenometallist87 just said about burning out and setting your own pace. I generally don’t recommend my pace to anyone, I had a really rough time in the first half of WaniKani when it comes to pacing, it was tough for me to find the motivation to do lessons, but after I started reading, I got really frustrated at my progress, spurring me on to go fast.

But I’m not saying it’s easy for me to keep it up, it’s really difficult, so if you’re going to go for max speed, just be careful, and make sure to put your real life first.

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Good point… I am aware that real life comes first, thankfully.

I guess it’ll be nice to at least attempt it and see for myself because you never know if the pace is right for you until you try :thinking:.

In any case, if the reviews get too overwhelming, then I will slow it down.


“Difficulty” means many different things.

You’re less likely to already have some familiarity with characters introduced in higher levels. But if you’re already seeing mostly unfamiliar radicals/kanji/vocabulary, then memorizing any individual item in the future isn’t going to become any harder.

You’ll also get better at memorizing the more you practice, however. After a couple years it’s almost effortless.

Horror stories usually involve backlogs with huge numbers of outstanding reviews rather than the difficulty of the items themselves.

The size of your review queue on any given day depends on only a few things:

  • The total number of items in SRS stages 1-8 (completed lessons that haven’t yet burned). Ideally, you’ll reach a point where you burn items at a similar pace to completing lessons. I think most people’s total “working” set of unburned items still under active review rarely exceeds 25-30% of all items (~2,000 to ~3000 items).

  • The breakdown of items between the SRS stages. Apprentice items are almost certain to show up on any given day, guru items a little less likely, and master/enlightened items less likely yet.

    This is where the guidance to keep the number of Apprentice items around ~100 comes from. If your working set is ~2,000 items, but almost half of them are in Apprentice levels, you’ll have a crazy number of reviews each day.

    I like the rule of thumb to keep Apprentice-count + Guru-count/10 under 150. Say, for example, you had 100 Apprentice items and 500 guru items (100 + 500/10 = 150). With that makeup, you’re unlikely to have much more than 130 - 170 or so items on any given day.

  • How randomly things get scheduled. This usually just takes care of itself, especially if you typically answer 10-30% of the items in a given session incorrectly.

    Too many correct answers on any given day can be a little problematic here, though. All correctly answered items progressing to the same SRS stage will get scheduled on the exact same day in the future. In the unlikely case you answer 50 Master items correctly today, they’ll all be scheduled on the same day four months in the future (on top of whatever else is scheduled).

    It’s actually beneficial to have a small fraction of incorrect answers cause the schedules diverge somewhat. Burning prevents this from getting too out of hand no matter what, though (8 correct reviews in a row and you’ll never see the item again, regardless).

  • Whether you finish all (or almost all) of your outstanding items at least once every single day. If I’ve got 150 outstanding reviews and I only perform 50, the remaining 100 will get added onto whatever is due tomorrow.

That last item is really the most important: just do your reviews every single day. But do keep an eye on the number of items in each “bucket”.

350 seems like an awful lot to me. You must have quite a few Apprentice and Guru items.

20 lessons/day is fine if you can maintain a very high accuracy and progress your items to later stages quickly. Not everyone can accomplish that (I often do only 0-5 lessons/day early on a level, for example, when I’m seeing mostly completely unfamiliar kanji. I up this to 10-30 later on a level when I’m seeing mostly vocabulary.)

If someone had almost all their items in apprentice stages and they continued doing 20 lessons/day, they’d be very likely to burn out, in my opinion.

My Wikistats progress chart says it all:

Like many people I got slammed on the early 20s, level 22, I was distracted by other things and fell behind and then got really intimidated. I was struggling to just get through my burn items, then forgot a lot of my level 22 items and had to re-learn them. But then I got some free time and knocked them all out and I’m in good shape ever since.

It’s up to you how fast you want to go, I love being at 0/0 personally but don’t be afraid to say “I feel overwhelmed and I’m just going to do X a day”.

One thing that was an absolutely enormous help for me was the Reorder Omega script ([Userscript] Reorder Omega) which I use solely for its “Back To Back” feature. This allows me to knock out WK items any time I have a few spare minutes in the day, and I don’t have to worry about wrapping up when I’m done, because I’m always wrapped up. This also made it much less intimidating to get started since it wasn’t such a big investment.

Another practice I found really helpful: if I have a ton of lessons AND a ton of reviews, I generally will get my reviews down to zero, then do just 5 lessons, and not do more until the next time I do more reviews (usually later the same day). Eventually I will get to 0/0 that way.


Usually around 180 or a bit more in apprentice, currently at 171. Is that significantly high for my pace? Guru is 1027 right now, but I don’t really know my usual amount for that since I don’t look at it.

Well, I am definitely getting things from previous levels wrong, but I don’t particularly mind, I want more time with the kanji so I can run it through the SRS some more.

It’s personal preference. It’s only a problem if you find the load overwhelming.

Many of us like to keep the number of Apprentice items closer to 100, but, again, it’s up to you. I’d definitely struggle with so many reviews every day.

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Yeah it is certainly tough sometimes, but I kind of just got frustrated at my level of reading at one point so it motivated me to power through. I have the time after all, my future self would not be happy if I wasted it

It doesn’t if you don’t let it. Just pace yourself better (limit new lessons) and just call it a day. I don’t do more than 15 new words a day and am not afraid of just not doing new lessons if I can’t deal. Just keep doing your reviews and if it is too much just stop doing lessons for a while.

I remember Level 5 to 20 being difficult for me in terms of learning a lot and having certain levels be hard content-wise and some levels while other levels were easier.

Levels 25-35 were the hardest for me to learn how to manage the workload and balance the Apprentice reviews with the Master and Enlightened reviews. The amounts of items in Guru piled up and there were a lot of frustrating leeches bouncing from Master down to Guru and then down to Apprentice and then back up.

However, by the end of the 30s I became better at learning how to learn kanji by looking at how certain readings follow patterns. So, it became more intuitive.

Everything for me now depends on how I balance the amount of ‘unfamiliar’ and ‘semi-familiar’ items. I’ve slowed down, so I now longer have 200-300 reviews per day. You’ll be able to manage it if you are careful about how you manage your Apprentice pile. I find that 60 - 77 is about where I remain comfortable… and fewer than 520 Guru items…


Personally, while the levels maybe got harder I got better too, so I never felt a sudden difficulty spike.


It may be just because I’m familiar with the early vocab and kanji, but I don’t feel like this is a hard pace for me. Today, I just finished ~150 reviews in under 15 mins (with the current status shown below).

This is my first post on the community and I’ve received so much help and valuable views on how to use WK. I’m truly grateful and excited to see this through to level 60!!

Most likely, my view on WK will change as I progress to levels past 10 and I’ll find myself re-reading the responses so kindly given to me here :laughing:

I’ll keep the balance thing in mind as you said, thanks for the advice!!


@HaseebYousfani I used the Omega script for the first time today, and I read the page as well, but I’m honestly not even sure how I should configure the settings…

I figured we both set out on a similar pace, so I thought I’d ask how you set up your script specifically?


Tbh I had a bit of trouble configuring it myself, so I hardly even know the ins and outs but here’s how mine looks like

You should ask Kumirei if you have a specific question though