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It steps up in difficulty but you also get better at learning kanji. Don’t be afraid to slow it down a little lesson wise so you don’t get buried in reviews, and don’t avoid kanji (ie don’t neglect grammar study etc) would be my advice. I’ve found home-made mnemonics very useful, other people less so, use the early levels to experiment with what works for you.


If you use WK on computer, you could look into some scripts that help you study.

There is the great Self Study Quiz! It’s is improved even more if you add to that the Additional Filters script that was written to do things like grill your most recent errors/leeches.

Take note that both will require Open Framework to be installed first, but if you read and follow the directions on the script, you’ll be fine. :slight_smile:

Good luck and don’t get discouraged! It takes some getting used to as the kanji learning steps up, but if you accept that long-time learning will have inevitable ebbs and flows, good and bad times, you’ll make it through. :purple_heart:


You aren’t messing with SRS if you review … unless you are reviewing just before a review. Reviewing missed questions just after a review session is always good.
I have found, that once I get into new material, that it helps my retention enormously to do the first reviews that come available at I believe 4 and 8 hours. If I wait 12 or more hours, I sometimes don’t even recognize a new kanji.


Seconded! Any word that I learn in the morning, and hit the +4 hour and +8 hour review on same day will be remembered far better than if I don’t do this.

If I don’t have time to do all my reviews, I sometimes use the Reorder Ultimate script to make sure I can hit the new Apprentice items on time while leaving my other reviews for later.


It basically steps up each time you start levelling items up to a new stage. So when you first start getting items to Master level, you now have an extra layer of Guru > Master reviews. When you start getting Enlightened items, that means you now have an extra layer of Master > Enlightened reviews.

And so on :grin:

So yes, it does keep ramping up until you start burning items, but mostly in a step-wise fashion. The key is that you can control the overall rate by the number of lessons you do (and remember that going fast now means your reviews will come back fast later!). Also second people’s suggestion to make sure you hit the 4 and 8 hour reviews roughly, if you’re able to and aren’t doing so already. Reeeally helps the accuracy.


people keep saying it will get easier - it won’t. lvl 5 is still simple. it will not only get worse, it will get a lot worse.

@Omun listed a bunch of helpful mods for the site, and there’s more. i recommend looking into them.

i don’t believe anyone made it to lvl 60 without any scripts whatsoever, while staying sane.


If I had to accept every typo in kana in these months as an error… my laptop would have been hurled out the window a long time ago. >_>


There’s my man, avoiding the sugarcoating and coming straight to the point!

I’ll absolutely agree with that, again we’re not trying to scare you off or anything. Just be regular with your reviews, that’s the best tip any WKer could give you I’m sure. Spend more time on the Kanji lessons, learning/understanding the mnemonic or making your own mnemonic, time spent doing so will save you countless hours in the future.

I think there are some people who did. :scream:


Yeah, but you also get a lot better. I used to hate doing batches of 20 reviews. Now my minimum is 100 up.

Level 5 is a spike in intensity indeed. But OP will get over it. They will have another in the 10s, another when the burn reviews start coming, another around 30s because at this point, WK is a habit and the rewards aren’t as big, so the motivation goes down… and if they reach level 60, motivation will go down for lack of purpose.

WK is simple, but not easy. Show up every day to do the work and one will be fine.


oh true, you develop some degree of pain tolerance, can shrug off some things and work through bigger piles after a while. you just have to be consistent.

it’s exactly as you say, show up every day. i’d add “without fail” to that, to make it crystal clear: this is now part of your daily routine.
that one day when you feel tired from work and think “fuck it, i’ll watch an anime” is the day a big batch of old stuff shows up to bite you, and when you wake up, 300 reviews slap you in the face to teach you who’s daddy now.

but really, you get used to that, hehe.

we’re all a bit insane here.

don’t worry. could be worse. it could rain.

@Omun if i’d have to do this here without scripts, i’d feel like playing russian roulette every time i start a review.


They… do?

Second this. If you are super desperate you can do a 24-hour vacation to keep your reviews from stacking up, but even just 24 hours will screw up your retention of all the apprentice items in your queue so that’s not necessarily the better option.

It’s easier to do them every day if you just… do them every single day.


why are people getting better and i still suck? life isn’t fair :crying_cat_face:

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People think that level 60s know it all. Well, let me just tell you that my worst accuracies have been happening since I reached level 60 :sob:


It does starts plateauing after a certain level though, doesn’t it? I’ve seen someone publish a graph of their review activity and it increased linearly until reaching this ceiling. I guess when you begin to burn things, so around your 20s.

Something that helps me are other SRSs (FloFlo, Kaniwani, Satori reader) and seeing the words and kanji being used in context. That way I’m not just reviewing them just before the actual review in order to get everything right and then forgetting it.

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yeah, but you’re exerting yourself by doing various systems, while simultaneous losing energy due to motivation declining.
i don’t know how durable you are, i couldn’t do that without burning out completely. there’s just no way to keep going like that forever, and i don’t see the merit in doing it either.

kanji are a tangible thing, you can gulp them down, but processing them takes longer than that, and stuffing your brain full with new vocabulary out of context is not what i’d do.
i’d relax and just do stuff in japanese, not worry too much about holes in my comprehension, just keep reading stuff. some things will unlock automatically, because japanese and kanji are following patterns, and your brain is an awesome code breaking device. now that you fed it all the keys, it will do a lot of work on it’s own, if you let it. if you keep feeding it, it will suffer from congestion, and that makes you feel like shit.

i’m speaking from experience here.
take a break. just do your reviews and have some fun with what you got. you’ll see, the hunger will come back.

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Challenge accepted. Nearly 1/3 the way now.


But… why though?
I can understand people being weary of stuff like the ignore script or even reorder.
But why would anyone not use the timeline? It really helps planning when is best to do reviews…


Never started with it. Also I do 99% of my lessons and reviews on a mobile phone in a browser so scripts are basically a no go anyway, and I’m not interested in the most efficient levelling anyways. I’m not missing something I never used in the first place.

Not worried about staying sane if I wasn’t sane to begin with :wink:


Practicing by handwriting out kanji and readings is very helpful as well. And speaking the readings out loud. Only screen-reading limits the ways in which your brain is remembering. It will get harder before it gets easier, but as long as you keep going it will get easier. The more radicals you know the less scary many stroked kanji will look to you.


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