Why wkstats show different things?

Two more things you can try, if you still want to:

  1. Check the Javascript console for errors (press F12 and click the Console tab), and post any errors here.
  2. Manually delete the indexedDB (it’s site-specific, so no worries):
    • Open the developer tools (F12)
    • Click the Storage tab
    • Expand the Indexed DB
    • Right-click wkof.file_cache, and click [Delete "wkof.file_cache"]

Interesting. It looks like your browser isn’t loading Apiv2-1.0.7.js… or, like I said, indexedDB isn’t working, so it’s trying to load Apiv2-1.0.7.js from cache and is failing.

Maybe try entering the following in the Javascript console:


Then go to the Network tab, refresh the page, and see if it tries to load Apiv2-1.0.7.js, and whether that succeeds.

My level duration is insane, I think its because I didnt put holiday mode on right? When I leveled up from 2 it went down to 9 days or whatever it says there and level 3 took on the 1000+ days. Eeeeek! Will it be there even when Ive burnt out everything at the end of Level 60?


That happened to me too, as I had a long break and then did a reset. Try the new wanikani stats site, it doesn’t have that problem –

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