Why was my answer flagged as inappropriate?

Does someone hate me?

If so, why would mods flag it if I didn’t say anything wrong?


Your post was flagged by the community. This means someone wants to bring this post to the attention of the mods for some reason known only to them. It is up to the mods to determine whether they agree with the flag.

But my answer was:

Animelon probably :slight_smile:

Someone asked the name of the website and that’s what I responded with. So this was just an automated response by the bot which then will be uplifted once a mod reviews it?


Yeah, I noticed that thread. Vaguely wondered if the OP flagged it as a “well, I’ve got my answer, you can close the thread now Mods” without realising what the flag function is meant to be used for, but I’ve got nothing.


As far as I know flags are apposed by a human member of this community, not a bot. But the mods will have to decide whether they agree with the flag and proceed from there. I suppose you will receive a warning or some other type of notification if they choose to agree with the flag.

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I know. What I meant to say is:

Someone flagged it and a bot immediately hides it. It is then reviewed by a real person

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I see…maybe that’s what happened. Unless someone hates me :frowning:

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If a post if flagged it just means a few other users flagged it (I think the threshold was 3 or 5 users or so). The mods will usually get around to it soon enough. They’ll either remove the flag if it was unwarranted, or take some action if it was warranted.

If I had to guess your post probably got flagged because the site you mentioned hosts pirated content, and I think recommending piracy sites goes against forum rules. Either way the mods will review the post soon enough, if I had to guess they’ll probably remove the topic.


Oh I did not know that. Well, I’m sad because it was nice to see my answer as the solution and now it’s gone :cry:


Though there’s 50+ entries in wanikani discussing animelon and they were never flagged. I’m annoyed by this :frowning:


The ones that got flagged were removed, though.


Plenty have been flagged. Since it’s community moderated it’s not entirely consistent.


Can someone make a post asking how this (本) is pronounced and then I’ll say honn and you’ll make my answer a solution? : D Lol

I deserve it :expressionless:


It’s just hon.

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Yeah but you need to hit nn twice to get the n if using a regular keyboard

Oh I see. I should have said how is it typed instead of pronounced Lolol

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No, you should have asked



For some reason I never got into the habit of doing that. I would type hon’

Hon’? I’m checking my keyboard and it’s a lot more extra steps than just typing n twice. Do you actually type in (hon’) or do you mean something else by it?

The advantage of n’ over nn is so you don’t lose count when you need to type three of them in a row. For example, on’na versus onnna.

Also, I presume we’re talking actual keyboards rather than phone keyboards, which just require using a different key (with a different finger, if you’re touch-typing) as opposed to switching to a different character set.