Why the success rate in percent differs between session and overview

Hello guys,

maybe this has been talked about before. I must admit I didn’t research it.
I don’t understand why the success/failure rate in percent inside the session, differs from the success rate in the overview at a glance which is shown afterwards. Let’s say my success rate wobbles between 88% and 93% while doing the review in the corner up right. I for example end up with 92% success rate and than see only 88% correct answers in the overview in the end at a glance. Why is that? I don’t get it. :smile:

The in-session percentage is correct answers / total tries. The after review percentage is correct items (both reading and meaning answered correctly) / total items.

Hello Leebo,
thanks for the quick answer. I wasn’t sure if only correct meaning or reading does count in the session, as well as correct answering after failing at first. But your answer states it clearly. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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