Why does the percentage of correct answers in the review session is different from the one in summary page?

Hi, I often notice the percentage of correct answers here


is diffrent from the one in the summary page after we’ve done our review session. Why?


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In my experience it’s because the percentage in the review session goes down when you get Item A wrong, but when you get Item A right when it comes up again it puts it towards the percentage as 1 incorrect answer and 1 correct answer, while the percentage on the summary page counts an incorrect Item A as incorrect and doesn’t take the next correct answer into consideration.

Summary page is accurate because it only measures the first time an item comes up


First one is your overall accuracy
Second one is your accuracy regarding the items you reviewed.


As @xarde already said, the one during the reviews means individual questions (just the reading for example). So in your example picture you haven’t answered anything, so you got 100% correct.

The one from the summary get lower on either a reading or meaning error, so it is generally lower than the percentage you see during the lessons.

I find the one during the reviews quite free of benefit to be honest :slight_smile:


What @xarde said, if you get an item wrong, it comes around again, and they “cancel out”. The summary page doesn’t show that. The summary page should probably be the one you follow, it’s more useful imo.

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