Discrepancy in Correct Percentages During/After Reviews

I’m posting this in the forums because I’m not entirely sure if this is a bug, or just me completely misunderstanding the interface.

During reviews, we’ve got a little set of icons in the upper right that tells us – as far as I can tell – our correct percentage, our completed items, and our remaining items. I always like to keep an eye on the correct percentage, just to have a feel for how I’m doing.

After completing a review session, we get a little “after action report,” which also prominently features a correct percentage…but it’s rarely the same as the percentage I had in the upper right during reviews, even if I’ve checked it just before finishing. Moreover, it’s sometimes drastically different, which rules out the number changing to account for the last review.

Why does this happen? It’s very frustrating to congratulate myself prematurely for a 90%+ correct review session, only to see an after action screen that says I only got 82% or something correct…

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The percentage during reviews is a calculation of correct answers / all attempts, while the percentage after reviews is a calculation of correct items / all items, which is an inherently stricter calculation.

It’s true that they don’t really spell it out, but that’s what leads to the two calculations not being the same.

If you have 2 items, and get the meaning wrong on one of them, so it comes back again an extra time, you’d have answered 4 out of 5 attempts correctly for an in-review percentage of 80%, but you only got 1 item fully correct, so your summary screen will say 50%.

It would probably be best to show both scores on the summary, but it’s been this way for a long time, so I don’t know if it’ll change.


Aha, got it. Seems a bit strange to have two different calculation metrics displayed as the same result, but now that I know how it works under the hood, I’ll be able to better interpret it.

Thanks, Leebo!

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