Percent correct changes if you end early?

I don’t know if anyone has noticed this, but I just did some reviews and now I have to leave so I was going to do it on my phone. I had 92% correct and then I pressed the home button in the top left, so it brought me to the page where to shows your results and which ones you got right and wrong.

I was happy with my 92% because sometimes I only get like 80%, but when it brought me to the new page and showed the results of my review, it said 86%. What happened to the 92% ?

My only idea is that maybe it took the reviews that I had only answered a reading or a meaning, and not both, and it marked them as incorrect?

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The during-review percentage is what percentage of answers so far are correct.
The post-review percentage is what percentage of items were completely correct during the review session.


Just to expand on what bladepoint said:

When you get an item wrong in review and then later get it correct in the same session, the correct answer will add to your during-review percentage. In the post-review percentage, that item is marked strictly incorrect, so the post-review will be lower than the during-review.


Yeah, they’re not the same formula. It’s intentional.

Also, if you get the reading wrong, but the meaning right, and then the reading right, it’s 2 good, 1 bad = 66%
In the Summary page that item was wrong = 0%

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I actually asked the same question not too long ago. I was like “sweet, 93%!” And then I finished and it said 80%. It doesn’t matter if you end early or anything, it’s just that the calculation at the end is different, as others mentioned.

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