Putting Both Pronunciations in

Wish Wanikani would say put one. I’m new but this was a tad annoying.

They do.


Though just think of all the forum posts it would save if they just had it shake and give a warning within the thing itself.


They should do that on lvl 1 items, write up those specific doubles to trigger that warning…


I don’t really understand why people do this, honestly, how come you go to put both readings in? I’ve never ever thought to put both in at once…


Honestly, with how confused I was starting WaniKani, I understand doing most anything wrong. And I read the Guide and FAQ fully!

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I’m pretty sure there are A LOT of people out there doing things you’ve never ever thought of doing. Besides, I would expect beginners (at anything) to make mistakes. It’s really not that surprising if you think about it.

Huh, I guess I’m just that odd one who only glanced at the FAQ but still somehow just did things right from the start, even the whole little ゃ thing never bothered me.

Once you start progressing the vocab helps reinforce the alternate readings and you get a feel for which is more common.

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