Why doesn't Wanikani just make all the mnemonics jump into a new line?

Every time I learn new lessons, the reading explanation is usually like this:
Since this word consists of a kanji with hiragana attached, you can bet that it will use the kun’yomi reading. You didn’t learn that reading with this kanji, so here’s a mnemonic to help you: You hold a Christmas party every year. This year, instead of just Christmas you have to add other winter holidays to the mix so people don’t get upset. First up? Kwanzaa (くわ).
Which is quite irritating tbh, since I have to always scan for the beginning of the mnemonic every time.



Some of them actually do have a paragraph break between the repeated kun’yomi warning and the mnemonic, but most of them don’t. It’s super annoying (for such a small thing). Can we please have consistency?


That’s not a bad idea, I added it to our ideas list.


Could write a script to check for “so here’s a mnemonic to help you:” and delete before that. I would do it for you if it weren’t bed time :slight_smile:


Which language does the script run on? JavaScript? I would have tried to make it myself but unfortunately I haven’t learned JavaScript yet

Exactly! Most of the time it’s obvious what kind of reading the word is going to use, so I just want to get to the mnemonic right away.

Starting a mnemonic from a new line would improve my learning experience :slight_smile:

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Normally you’d write a JS script and run it through somehting like Greasemonkey.

But perhaps you could use a language you know and compile it to WASM although I’ve never used it personally. Check out the list of languages: GitHub - appcypher/awesome-wasm-langs: 😎 A curated list of languages that compile directly to or have their VMs in WebAssembly

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It wouldn’t be a bad idea to add that extra line to the meaning page when it repeats the line about う making it a verb. Or any other sentences that are repeated ad nauseam (but for good reason!) with the actual new stuff below it.


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