Edit/change the Mnemonic for the Reading

There are a lot of cases where different readings use the same mnemonics and also cases where I feel the explanations are unnecessarily long. One example of the former is cases where words with the readings きょ and きょう use “Kyoto きょうと” as the key word in the mnemonic. And then in another case (the character 供) きょう is remembered by the word for today (今日)with the same reading. For some it may be fine, but the inconsistency when trying to remember all these readings is rather frustrating.

A simple fix would be to allow an edit button for the mnemonic so that we could shorten/lengthen/change the text. This is basically what I use the reading notes section for at the moment, but it would be nice to not have to first look at the Reading Mnemonic section before seeing my edits in the Reading Notes section.

Is there something that I’m missing? I’m sure that this has been proposed before but I thought I’d give another account of why it would be beneficial to Wanikani users.

There is a notes field

I mentioned the notes section in the second paragraph. I like using most of the WK mnemonics, so I’m suggesting a way to edit the mnemonic itself, and not have to use the reading notes section for this purpose.

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Oh, sorry, I read quickly and thought you meant something else by “reading notes”.

I doubt WK will do anything about it, so your best hope is scripts. Would placing the notes section above the mnemonics so you see it first work for you? I don’t think there are any better alternatives, unless you’re interested in the community mnemonics script.

No problem. Well that would be useful if I could swap the sections for particular characters, but I’m assuming it’s all or nothing with that method?

Somebody could build a more complex script that lets you mark which characters should move notes above mnemonics. But that’s a lot more work than just always swapping the locations of the two sections.

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