Why doesn't an official WK app exist by now?

Correct me if I’m wrong but currently all the mobile, both iOS and android, apps are third party right? I have use one of these for my android and it works great, props to creator(s)!

It just seems since the company is doing well they would’ve developed official apps by now? Seems kinda odd to just freeload off of the third party ones. Maybe I’m just naive as to how app dev works? Or maybe an official app is in development and I just don’t know!

I know the site still formats nicely on mobile but there are still perks for having an app. I just think it is strange they are all third party but Im probably missing something.

Because it’s already done. It’s a service supported in both the iOS and android thanks to the creators. There’s nothing to add extra to the client. Also, the wk website works great on a smartphone in my opinion.

Taking into consideration that there’s so much the WK team can do at the same time: what do you think the team should focus: on the apps that were already developed or in bringing new things/improving existing ones? :slight_smile:


Well its just the people behind WK get paid and I’m assuming that the third party developers don’t and just did it out of the goodness of their hearts which is fine and good, but because of this third party tools and apps usually stop being maintained at some point as the creators lose interest. And that wouldnt happen if there was a person hired at tofugu to be in charge of app maintenance, right?

Given that WK has been out of beta for awhile and they could afford to even lower price it seems like they would have the resources to create an app.

I agree that the website works good on smartphones, but the app gives me notifications which is great imo.

Pretty solid answer.

Practically half the content on this site could be 3rd party if you download enough scripts. As Jpr said, the app worked fine in browser (imo), much like how the site works fine without scripts. If people choose to make one or the other to improve their/others’ experience, awesome, but an official release would be wasted effort at that point.


Good point, I’ve seen forums before of how to pimp up your anki decks to replicate wk. I guess I just didn’t realize how prevalent third party stuff can be relied on by companies!

Understandable, but quite a few people in this community seem surprisingly capable of this kind of stuff. Demand has kept these things maintained/created until now and its not like WKs userbase is dying off. I dont think it poses an immediate issue.

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It really depends on what you’re working with. Learning a language, especially Japanese, is no set process. Learning something this vast and different is a task that different people approach from different angles. There is a much higher demand for user customization which causes it to just be more smart to leave it to the actual users. Provide a foundation and let people modify it in a way that fits them.

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Priorities-wise, I agree. WaniKani is well-supported by third-party developers right now, so there’s no need to duplicate efforts.

There’s benefits to this unusual situation, but there are also drawbacks. For example, a lot of us are trying out and giving feedback on the v2 API, which helps WaniKani devs. However, it’s also going to be very difficult to get all of the third-party apps, webpages, and scripts upgraded to the new v2 API, so v1 may stick around much longer than the devs would like.

I tried one of those unofficial apps, but since WK works perfectly in a mobile browser, I didn’t see any advantages on using an app.

I know nothing about coding and stuff, but isn’t @rfindley planning on making like a “platform” so that the script creators don’t have so much work in bulding the script they want?

Yup… Almost finished with the final piece. I’m hoping to upload it to github tomorrow to get feedback from other scripters.


お疲れ様 :slight_smile:

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