Why does this radical look like it has a different font?

Others are more fat/rectangular but this looks spiky.


A few of the radicals are not official characters, so they are gifs or something that someone has made.

I realized when I was making paper flashcards.

兑 is an actual character, though

Weird. It didn’t look like that when I studied it, but checked just now and it’s got that different font. Maybe something happened as a result of the UI changes?

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They’re all consistent for me. Maybe it’s to do with what fonts you have installed.

I don’t have any fonts installed.

Yeah that’s what confuses me too as this doesn’t look like the blurry/fat weird ones where a picture is obviously used instead of a character.

1: Yeah here are some pic examples, they are obviously blurry compared to the others.
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What’s probably happening is that on your system, WaniKani is selecting a font that doesn’t include that particular character.

Instead of just displaying an unhelpful placeholder, your browser is smart enough to automatically switch that one character to a different font, so that it can at least display something meaningful.

But it happened to choose a backup font that has a very different visual style, so you end up a spiky version of that one character.


You’ve at least got the default fonts your OS comes with installed…otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see any text!

alright I see what you mean, was thinking specifically of any fonts I added lol.

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Yeah, the lines of 兑 look pretty consistent with other radicals and kanji for me within WaniKani, but look noticeably different when I copy and paste the character into the forums. Methinks some of them are coming from the Chinese Unicode block, is what I figure.

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