Why do the later levels take shorter to complete?

(Creds to Charlesfm for the screenshot I found)
As with many other users posting their 60th level celebrations, I always notice the day count per level going down at around level 40ish from 7 or 8 days to around 3 or 4. Why is this so? There are around the same number of kanji per each level, so why does it drop like this, and when does it start?

  • You need to Guru 90% of a level’s kanji to level up.
  • You sometimes need to unlock a level’s kanji by Guruing radicals from that same level first.
  • If there are enough radicals in a given level such that fewer than 90% of kanji are unlocked immediately, it will be a “slow” level.
  • If the opposite is true, it will be a “fast” level, because you don’t have to Guru the radicals in order to Guru 90% of the level’s kanji.
  • Fastest time from unlock to Guru is 3 days and 10 hours. So a “fast” level can be done in 3 days and 10 hours, while a “slow” level can be done in 6 days and 20 hours.

How are you doing it so fast haha? Are you skipping vocab? Do you have 1billion items in apprentice?

Are you asking the OP? They didn’t say how fast they are going.

I just see this in nearly every wkstat screenshot lol that it drops down around that level

For me I took wanikani a lot slower in the beginning as I think is common for most. I used to do maybe 5 kanji a week and only until I was confident I knew them would I do maybe another 5. So my first 5 levels took over a month each.

Others may be slower in the beginning because they are not sure if they want to commit fully yet to the site or language, so they decide to take it slow and see how they like it. Only when I decided to be consistent did I begin doing 10 lessons daily which decreased my time per level significantly

Is it? I went pretty fast for a while (first 30 levels or so) until I got overwhelmed by reviews, and then I slowed down. The beginning is when WaniKani is the most fun and the most useful, so I’d guess most people go faster at the beginning.

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You are probably right there . I was sooo slow I think I spent like 2 months on lv 4 alone which is why I’m only lv 20 after a year lol. I agree that the earlier levels are best for going faster, but I guess since I didnt even look at the forums until maybe lv5 I thought that my pace was normal.

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