How long per level?

I am usually spending about 11-15 days per level. How long does it take everyone to level in current WK meta?

The fastest I’ve done is around 7 and a half days, but on average I take around 9-10 days. This is already fast according to some so I’m planning on slowing down after a few more levels, cause college.

I’m going about full speed, so 7 days. Up to 42 that is, after that the time is cut per half per level, so 3.5 days per level.

I plowed through level 16 in about a week, but level 15 took me over a month. I think it was more that I was focusing more on grammar and reading, but also need to back off of WaniKani.

I’m a little slow on the uptake, so I just learned/reread the level mechanics. If you want to try to quicken your leveling it is important whenever you start a new level to pound through the reviews and reach the radicals and kanji as quick as possible. You need to get all of those new radicals to guru stage to unlock the last kanji in the list that are greyed out. Also, if you are getting them correct they will appear in your reviews every 4 hours, 8 hours, 24 hours, etc. So stay on top of them to get them all cycled through quickly. You will be spending a lot of time the first couple of days getting everything going. Then you’ll find yourself waiting around for reviews as everything gets more spaced. With the new review and mistake practice sessions you can get things polished pretty well.

Also, I should mention, for quick leveling don’t worry so much about the vocabulary. Missing those won’t slow your leveling down so unlock them as needed to get to the radicals and kanji.

Here’s a link:

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I managed to finish a fair few of my levels in just over a week back when I started.

However, I also took a 10 month break at one point. Even if my pace slowed to just one level a month through out that period, I would know another 300 or so Kanji compared to what I know now.

Speed is nice and if you have the spare time to rush through the levels then by all means, go for it. I somewhat burnt out though, and also neglected my study of grammar and vocabulary for the sake of trying to rush through the levels.

Just keep in mind consistency is most important. If it feels like it’s getting too much don’t be afraid of slowing down. That’s definitely better than stopping. Also make sure you’re trying to cover all basis. Being able to read kanji can be useless if you don’t understand the grammar it’s used alongside

I’m on the fast levels and have been averaging about 4 days per level for the past 5 levels and it’s painful


I did about 11-15 per level for the whole of Wanikani.

20-30 days per level. :+1:

When consistently studying I was at 21 days per level.
However, shit hit the fan last fall, hard, and I’m on day 190 of my currently level, with god knows how many days left until I level (I technically haven’t even started the Kanji for this current level).

ah yeah i took a break too for about the same amount of time lol. only difference is I reset back to level one lmao.

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Usually around 10 days per level.

Bro I take over a month per level on average, I get that I’m a slow learner and have trouble with memorization both in the short and long term, but seeing you all say 5-15 days is just crazy to me, I am so impressed with you all hahaha.

According to wkstats my typical level up time is 38 days but for level 16 I took 234 days… :sweat_smile:

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