How can I level up faster?

I’m doing the reviews and lessons as they become available each day, but I feel like I’m not progressing fast enough. Does anyone have any idea why?

From what I understand, there’s a limit to how quickly you can level up. I think the minimum is something around 6 days? You really can’t go any quicker than that due to the SRS system. After around level 45 it’ll get shorter, but that’s a ways off.

Do the lessons for the radicals as soon as they are available.

When the radicals reach guru, they unlock the second wave of kanji for that level, do those lessons (and any outstanding kanji from that level) as soon as they are available.

Do any reviews for the above mentioned items as soon as they are available.

Anything else is flexible timing-wise and won’t impact your level-up speed.

But you’ll have trouble getting close to the minimum time of 6 days 20 hours unless you do stuff like get up in the middle of the night to do reviews/lessons.

It’s still possible to break 8 days comfortably without getting up at night, but you’re already pretty close to 8 days as it is.

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We really should have a copy pasta for this so we don’t have to type that out every time :thinking:

It looks like a good average to me. The minimum possible time to level up for normal levels is 6 days and 20 hours, you can’t go below that unless it’s one of the so called “fast levels”, which take 3 days and something (don’t remember precisely). There aren’t many fast levels though (probably 3 or 4 before level 50).

Having said that, your shouldn’t overdo it. Reaching level 60 is a hard and long journey and by level 20 you’ll be doing 200 reviews a day plus the regular studying every day. Find your most comfortable pace and don’t rush, there is no point.

One last thing, if you want to understand better how your review distribution and levelling up works, I would advice to try the Ultimate Timeline extension.

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@Yoyohann22, read this. It’s a little rough and old, but it might still be enough for you to learn something new :slight_smile:

(new version will be released -3 months for now :eyes:)

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Less errors will let you to level up faster.

9 days are good.
Let’s review this at level 10,
it will increase to 12 days imo.


I read the topic and posting this link was EXACTLY my idea :smiley:
~T :lion:

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It’s dangerous, but if you’re willing to deal with an increased workload, you could just use the wanikani override script to ensure you never get any radicals or kanji wrong before they hit guru.

Just be careful. You might not realize it at level 5, but WK becomes a big time commitment later on, and using this method can screw up your learning in one of two ways:

  1. You end up with a bunch of kanji and radicals that you haven’t really learned at guru level, and your workload snowballs as they fall back into apprentice, resulting in 3 or more hours of reviews each day.

  2. You become addicted to the override button, and whisper sweet lies to yourself about how “Oh, I really knew that. I’ll just override it this time.”, and “That word isn’t that important, I’ll just let it slide this time, I’ll remember it next time”, and you end up with large gaps in your learning where you don’t actually know things you thought you knew.

Though. if you’ve got a good memory, and you avoid the pitfalls, this method can result in optimal leveling times in exchange for a moderately increased review load.

having had to stop a few times due to health…i cringe seeing these posts saying it’s too slow. get back to me when you have 3k reviews piled up and a year off due to health problems and seeing how well some things actually stuck in your brain lol


Thanks for the advice eveyone. I was somehow able to pull this off, but based off of what you all said I don’t think i can top this.

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