Why do certain levels in the 40s move so quickly?

Up until I reached 40, it took about 8 to 10 days to level up. I haven’t changed the way I use WK, and yet for whatever reason it only takes about 4 to 5 days to finish some of the levels in this range because you don’t need to learn the new radical kanji to level up. It doesn’t make sense to me that I can reach a new level and still be working on kanji from two levels prior and just comes off as tedious and punishing. Is there a reason for this sudden change?

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That’s always been possible since you only need 90% to level up. You could theoretically still have a level 1 kanji that you never guru’d.

It’s not really all that sudden. The number of radicals per level started decreasing all the way back around level 14. It’s just that they finally got low enough that you can level up without the new radical kanji.

How are you doing your lessons exactly? I did the same number of kanji lessons every day, so I leveled up in the same number of days regardless of whether it was a “fast” level as they’re called.


Yeah, sure, but I’m talking about finally being able to Guru kanji from two levels prior right after I’ve just unlocked my current level because of how fast I’m leveling compared to before.

I keep both queues as empty as possible.

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I don’t think leveling faster until reaching level 48 is possible. I am around the same levels and although the decrease in the number of radicals is clear it’s not enough to level up. I get stuck at %85-%89 and have to wait for the 4-5 kanji that it unlocked after guru’ing radicals.

The fast levels now are 43-44, 46-47 and 49-60. You can read more about that here^^ (12th part to be exact)


I am on the verge of reaching 43 :smile:, didn’t notice that. Thanks a lot.

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@Delamet, :stop_sign::-1:

Stay where you are. Keep Koichi proud.

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@Delamet Impressive. You were 42 just three months ago, and now you’re going to be 60?

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I’m kinda stuck here actually. :sweat_smile:


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