Why are fast levels a thing?


Just something strange I was thinking. I’m used to all the mid levels where you have to complete at least one kanji unlocked by radicals to be able to further level but this got me thinking. Why don’t they continue this on the “fast levels” later on?

I’m still keeping my regular schedule so even on fast levels, I’ll level in about 15 days but its odd that radicals are basically useless to need to level up later on.

Did any of the devs explain their thought behind this? Hope this isn’t taken as a complaint. Just a curiosity.


The historical non-linearity of the fast levels… that is… the fact that while most of them are at the end, there were (or maybe still are) a few scattered among other levels, suggests that it’s just a side effect of the fact that sometimes there just weren’t enough associated radicals for there to be two waves of kanji necessary.

Like, basically, they weren’t trying to design levels fast or slow, just choosing kanji and then choosing radicals to go along with them. Sometimes that coincidentally meant you didn’t have enough radicals to make it a two wave level. It makes sense that most of these would be near the end, where you obviously start to need fewer and fewer new radicals to be able to make more kanji.

I’m not aware of what the current situation with fast levels is, but I believe some of the old early ones have become slow levels from just having more content added to them.


That makes sense. I believe 42 and 43 are fast levels (or somewhere around there) and then 46 and pretty much on are fast levels.

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And in the past, I believe 16 and 26 also were. Which is what makes me think it wasn’t something they were planning specifically. I think they generally aimed for enough to make 2 waves, but they didn’t force it when it wasn’t happening.


Yeah, when they were spread out more there was even a script to see which ones they were:


Now it’s just 43 and up minus 45 and 48.

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