What is the impact of fewer radicals per level after level 13?

Does it make leveling up faster or significantly change how easy it is to proceed through levels?


I think the last 10 levels and only some on the way to 50 are fast levels where you can directly guru enough kanji without all the radicals of that level.
How easy it is depends on how much trouble you have with radicals and kanji. The kanji obviously get more complex the further you go but you have less new radicals to memorize to build those.
I guess the radicals from lvl20 on or so are just there to form several easier radicals into a new one so you don’t have to build mnemonics with 20 radicals per kanji. :smiley:

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In turn you get like, a ton more vocab words. Radicals are the easy bit, so they really don’t affect leveling up speed in my eyes


One nice thing I’ve found is that later level radicals tend to be based on kanji meanings we’ve already learned, so there’s less memorizing of oddball WK definitions like “poop” or “narwhal.”


It doesn’t matter. You should be trying to guru all your radicals as soon as possible. Then you can slow down with the rest, the actual kanji that level you up if you don’t wanna go that fast. Just don’t push the break on the radicals. that doesn’t make much sense to me.

Later on, you’ll have either 1 or 0 radical in the final levels. Those are the true fast levels. :eyes:


Just to clarify what people mean by “fast levels”, OP:

A normal level comes in two waves. You get about half the radicals on levelling up, which when guru’d unlock half the kanji, which unlock the rest of the radicals, which unlock the rest of the kanji. The fastest you can possibly complete a normal level is six days and twenty hours, if you do every review the moment it becomes available.

A fast level has fewer radicals, as you were asking, so all of the radicals become unlocked on level-up, and all of the kanji are unlocked when the radicals are guru’d. At maximum speed, you can complete these levels in half the time, three days and ten hours.

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I don’t think anyone has properly answered but less radicals on a level just means you get access to more kanji the moment you level up.

It’s only really relevant if you are either:

going full speed

using a reorder script

Ah, but you’ll never forget poop! :rofl:

I eagerly await the “narwhal poop” radical. :wink:


Could this description be slightly inaccurate, or maybe this changes at levels higher than mine?
What I see so far (levels 4-6) is:

  1. Once you level up, all radicals and half the kanji unlock immediately.
  2. Once the radicals are gurued after 3.5 days, the other half of the kanji unlock.

Ah yeah, probably. Been a while since I levelled up. :stuck_out_tongue:

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What I’m going to say will only impact you if you are trying to level up as fast as possible, i.e. in about 7 days per level, and you are not using a reorder script:

To level up as fast as possible, when you level up, you have to go through the remaining vocab lessons from the previous level right away to then get to the radical lessons which you should also do right away. That number of vocab lessons is directly proportional to the number of radicals.

Up to level 13, because there are so many radicals and therefore too many vocab lessons unlock when you level up, you have a mountain of lessons to go through quickly before you can do the radical lessons. This is the reason many people use a reorder script.

But after level 13, each level only has 5 to 8 radicals, so when you level up, you only have about 10 to 25 vocab lessons to go through before you get to the radical lessons, which is not more than your average number of lessons per day, so reordering lessons no longer make much of a difference.