Why did I never do my reviews ASAP? Like oh my gosh

The only thing I know definitely, is this is what Crabigator wants you to do.

Realistically, I am always on a frenzy side, doing reviews multiple times a day (and plus AnkiDroid). Still I don’t necessarily finish the review, using reorder script for lower level items first – then do only as many as time limits.

I also know very well about the notion of Apprentice < 100 and Guru < 500. Still, I don’t educate myself via WaniKani lessons only.

  • I cloned level+1 WaniKani vocabularies onto Anki, then remember EN=>JP in advance.
  • I use (1) 4 8 24 interval, so I aim for interval > 1 day (and AnkiDroid UI also shows as graduated).
    • This is not default Anki’s settings. I learnt this from WaniKani Community, i.e. this forum.
  • I might not start lessons (rather than even finish) before the actual level up. If so, I try to finish lessons properly in Anki before learning new items (Kanji and vocabularies) in WaniKani.
    • So you can probably tell how much I don’t trust WaniKani’s lessons as enough, not to mention mnemonics.
  • In earlier times, I don’t use Anki, but [Userscript] Self-Study Quiz which is different from the current built-in self-study.

Some other time recently, I recommended to others differently. But the truth is, I don’t know exactly what is better or worse…

I think I can recommend this one, but a little abstract – try to remember vocabularies well, in the order guided by WaniKani. And well means very well by both audio and visual.

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