Why can I only do one lesson a day

So I made a WaniKani account, and I bought it for one month because people say it’s good for people who wanna learn Japanese, it says that I’ll have to be level 4, but I don’t know how to level up and I can only do one lesson a day… and if I do one mistake I’ll have to wait to the next day to correct my mistake. Not to mention the fact that it’s very easy to forget what you have learned when you can only do one lesson a day, maybe I’m doing something wrong I don’t know ://

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Welcome to the site!

First things first… the first 3 levels are free, and if you want a refund so that you can continue to try them for free, they will do that for you if you email them. Then at the end of level 3 you’d have a better idea of if you want to continue with a paid subscription.

I looked at your profile and you’ve done 26 lessons in just a couple days, so I suspect when you say “lessons” here, you’re actually talking about reviews, and you had a few times where only 1 item appeared for review at a time.

WaniKani uses an SRS system such that every time you review an item correctly, it takes longer for it to appear again. At the beginning, this can be a bit slow, because you need to review the items 4 times correctly to level them up to the point where they unlock new lessons.

I recommend browsing the FAQ if you have more questions.


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