Why are all kanji unlocked?

So I restarted to square one (I was only level 8 so no big deal, but it had been a while and I wanted to start over). Got through Level One again, and I immediately had like 78 lessons available. I’m sure the first time round I had to do guru some radicals first before I unlocked all the kanji for the level… I much preferred this as it made it more manageable for me. Having everything unlocked as soon as I go up a level is a bit overwhelming. Do I need to completely open a new account to be able to get that kind of staggered unlocking back? :disappointed:

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You’re probably getting a mix of vocab lessons from kanji guru’d when you leveled up, the new radicals of level 2, AND already unlocked kanji of level 2. I’ve never heard of a reset keeping everything unlocked but maybe I’m misunderstanding the system


Like bakugames said, your lessons come from unlocking vocab lessons from guru-ing the level 1 kanji, as well as the new radicals, kanji, and some vocab lessons from level 2. You probably got more this time around because your accuracy on the kanji was higher, since you already learned them before :blush:. If you do all of the kanji lessons at once and don’t get any of the reviews wrong, they’ll all reach guru the same time, hence the flood of vocab lessons.

Thankfully, this is not actually a problem because you don’t need to do all of the new lessons as soon as they become available! I think most of us aim for doing a consistent number of lessons a day (like 10 or 15 or 20, depending on what speed works for you. Some of us also like to spread the kanji lessons out throughout the level using the lesson filter script).

My lesson number hasn’t reached zero since the very early levels, haha, because I intentionally cultivate a buffer so that I have new material to learn every day :blush:. I do 10-12 lessons a day, and it gives me an extremely consistent daily workload that averages around 130 reviews total each day, which helps me keep up a daily habit of doing my reviews.

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One hundred percent this.

Having reset to 1 for the first time just last week, I can confirm that the unlocking works just like it always has; radicals + 1/2 kanji > remaining kanji on guru’ing radicals > vocabulary on gurning kanji. Just so happens that when you go from 1 to 2 you unlock vocabulary at the same time as the level 2 radicals and first half of the kanji for the level.

Worth just adding that there are only 36 kanji at level 2, so it’s definitely vocabulary lessons in there ^-^

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