Why 32 out of 34 when 4 Kanji are not in Guru status?

Just a quick level up question: I have 5 Kanji’s in my current level which are not in Guru status, but WK says that I only need 2 for a level up. How can that be?

Thank you so much!
enanu :chipmunk:

yeah the passed doesn’t sound right, because you’d be at the next level with that margin. You miss these 5 kanji: 夕火王右左

Yeah, exactly… and in Level 2, there are 37 Not 34 Kanji. :thinking:

You need 34 to make the 90%
Hover over the bar and the pop-up it explains it better


Yeah like @DaisukeJigen says that’s the minimum amount of kanji to guru to level not all the level’s kanji.

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To add, if you hover over that on a desktop browser you get a tooltip like this:


ah right I forgot it already shows the 90% you need to level up, not the whole amount.

I use the dashboard plus script which visually shows the cut off line.


Aaaaah thank you so much! I use WaniKani mostly on my phone, there is no hover effect, so I didn’t know about the 90%. Great to know!!


Yeah just a UI change. You used to level up when you got 90% of the bar filled, and the bar counted to 100% of the kanji on the level.

Now you have to get 100% of the bar, which is 90% of the kanji on the level.

100% of 90% = 90% of 100%. All clear now? :smiley: I think it was more clear what was going on the way it was before, but :man_shrugging:


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