Who Wants to Challenge Me to a Race?

What do the plug-ins do that help people cheat? Not at all interesting in using one, just curious what they are.

(Reorder script)

(Ignore button)
Anyway, I still learn Kun, On and Kanji meanings, so why not.

Also, many of English meanings aren’t satisfying. It may justify using one responsibly.


There are plugins that literally just complete everything without you having to remember anything at all. There’s also the ignore plugin. It adds a small button to ignore any incorrect answers, so if you make a stupid mistake you can try again. It’s really nice, but easy to abuse.

Try to catch me :smiley: I would post my progress diagram, but I am for some reason not able to copy it :sweat_smile:

You say that now but when you accidentally make an honest to god typo and it means you have to wait another three days to level up, the override script looks like a god send.


Challenge accepted.

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I’m certainly going to try! I’ll let you know when I’m nipping at your heels.

Why can’t it be both? People make what they want of it.


That’s why I like doing WK on the app. It automatically give the override option if you make a mistake :pray:t3:

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Really!? The official app?

There are no official WK apps. All of them were created and maintained by users.

Despite all of the judgement, I would! I think competition can be healthy, and I have no intention of cheating myself or trying to win at all costs. I think it will be healthy for me to have a competitor.

I had no idea there was a add on for that, to which i am extremely interested in that one lol you are correct.

Or they cheat by using the skip answer script, and it won’t. Not saying that people do that, but It’s possible. That script has helped me a lot when I know the answer but make a small typo.

That’s a problem with their priorities though, not the script :slight_smile:

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I agree, but it doesn’t change the fact that people can exploit it and cheat by using it, just cause they want to “go faster”.

There’s also no speed incentive to do that either. People who want to go fast may have an incentive to cheat on recently unlocked things in apprentice, but not after that. I’m sure some people give themselves the benefit of the doubt more often than they should, but that’s just a reality of this kind of program.

Ye I hear you. I would be surprised if people cheat their way up to enlightened-burned if they use this kind of SRS system, but you never know. I just think that many people on here are putting in a lot of time, and are fast learners and that way level up as fast :slight_smile: I’m not one of them, so I take it in my own pace (Even though I actually think I put in a lot of time into WK as it is) I’m probably just a slow learner ^^

The reorder script can be used to cheat a bit too, but I have to say that it has been so helpful for me, and It’s a godsend if It’s used correctly.

It is on! I’ll probably be very fast for the first ~5 levels, as I know most of these Kanji already, and then slow down considerably, but we’ll see.

I’ll be waving at you once you pass me around level 15.